Traumafessions :: Reader Jessica P. on Terror on the Beach

I love your site! So many buried memories…

My dad was a big slasher/gore fan, and he never had second thoughts about letting us kids watch with him. By the time I was 6, I’d seen enough red Karo and latex to be effectively desensitized. So it wasn’t the usual horror staples that traumatized me. No, the one scene that still haunts my nightmares is from a made-for-T.V. movie called TERROR ON THE BEACH.

I tried to find the actual scene, but my memory is really hazy. I know it involved something floating in the water. I thought it was a body, but after watching the only youtube clip I could find, it looks like the bad guys are traveling with a male blow-up doll.

Is this what kept me up at night?

I’m hoping you can help me track down the actual scene.


UNK SEZ: Jessica, I had completely forgot about 1973’s TERROR ON THE BEACH! I too caught that one on television at a very young age. It is remarkable how much it resembles WES CRAVEN’S THE HILLS HAVE EYES which would not come out for another four years (1977). No luck finding the scene you remember, but I have a hunch that the body you saw floating in the water was, in actuality, a mannequin that the hippie aggressors drug around with them. From what I’ve gathered, there is not much actual violence in this made-for-television thriller. Lack of violence aside, you can’t beat a cast that includes DUEL‘s DENNIS WEAVER, LOOKER‘s SUSAN DEY and Oscar winner ESTELLE PARSONS (BONNIE & CLYDE.)

NOTE: T.V. movie and ESTELLE PARSONS fans, you can currently check out THE UFO INCIDENT based on the famous Betty and Barney Hill case starting HERE!

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

This movie used to show up from time to time on the Fox Movie Channel. I haven’t seen it in years and remember so little. It looks divine!