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Traumafessions :: Reader Joey on Scary Coaster Toaster

November 6th, 2008 by unkle lancifer · 2 Comments

I remember an animated short that was shown on an episode of THE GREAT SPACE COASTER back in the early ’80s. It started off showing the history of fire or something like that. Now it’s the present day and we see an older couple getting ready for dinner. I think the wife is having problems with the oven and the husband’s getting frustrated with the toaster not working and jams a fork in it. Fire pops out of the oven with an evil face at the wife. More living fire comes out and engulfs the whole apartment building and then move on to the neighboring buildings and homes. Eventually they set the Earth ablaze and then jump to the other planets. I remember the end narration stating that the gods were angry and that they would give fire to woman instead of man next time.

I would see this short again no long after on late night pay-T.V. in between movies. I was either 9 or 10 at the time so that really screwed with my head.

Anyone else ever seen this?

Note: Toaster image swiped from HERE.

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Joey Deadcat
Joey Deadcat
12 years ago

Whew! After a verrry extensive (and exhaustive) search I found it! The short was titled Hot Stuff. I always remembered this as one of the shorts the character Roy presented on The Great Space Coaster. I was around 8 or 9 at the time and I can tell ya that the ending of Hot Stuff was truly kindertraumatic!

12 years ago

Yep, just about any animation from eastern Europe brought to you by the Film Board of Canada is going to be mega-freaky or at least so much of a head scratcher that your brain will hurt for weeks.