TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Kelly Ann on The Blob (1988)



I guess I’m only confessing to this because, in hindsight, I realize it is tragically funny. I was seventeen and at boarding school, one lonely autumn weekend when the only two students not on home visits were myself, and my schoolmate Maggie, who was a horror movie connoisseur. I on the other hand, was more of THE SOUND OF MUSIC-type of gal. We decided to have movie night and as we trolled through the aisles at the video store, I picked up a dusty copy of THE BLOB, my thoughts being: “How scary can a big mass of goo be? All you do is outrun it!”     

I was a fool.

As we sat on the floor in the common room, munching popcorn and cider in our pajamas, we both sighed sadly when the two cutest guys in the movie were killed within the first 1/2 hour (no offense KEVIN DILLON). But with each passing scene my eyes grew wide and my blood ran cold. These people were sick! I huddled under a blanket with my eyes closed while Maggie cackled with a perverse glee. It felt like the longest 90 minutes of my life. The guy getting pulled into the sink and the little kid getting blobbed put me over the edge. After the credits rolled, my imagination was going 100 miles an hour and I dragged my pillow and blanket into Maggie’s room and “slept” on her hard floor, but only after insisting that she place towels under the door crack less anything try and seep in.

Kinda sad that a senior in high school would have such a freak out about a movie, or maybe in a backwards way, it’s a compliment to the writers. I still won’t stick my hand down a sink!


UNKLE LANCIFER SEZ: Kelly Ann, you are preaching to the blob choir! We @ Kindertrauma are giant fans of 1988’s THE BLOB! Thanks for the great traumafession and don’t worry- you’re never to old to get traumatized! 

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14 years ago

Not the greatest – or SCARIEST- movie ever, but, man, that sink scene was sick! I used to wash my hair in the sink….not anymore!