Traumafessions :: Reader Kelly G. on Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The show may be only 18 years old, but it’s still very kindertramatic in its own right. The opening theme is particularly spine tingling, still gives me goosebumps.

The episode that has stuck with me to this day would have to be Tale Of The 13th Floor. The ending never ever fails to give me the willies. The story is about two young siblings who like to play in the abandoned 13th floor of their apartment building. One day they receive an invitation to the 13th floor and discover it’s been turned into a very strange toy store, run by very strange people. The twist ending is well… you’ll have to see for yourself! The good part is about 6:26 in.

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12 years ago

This show really scared my niece, but she always wanted to watch it anyway. I told her someone had written a traumafession about the show, and she told me the clown episode was really scary to her as a child. I found the episode on YouTube. Part one Part two Part three

12 years ago

Let me try again Part one Part two

12 years ago

Greatest. Show. Ever. My brother and I were addicted to AYAotD when we were kids. Awesome series with vast amounts of cheese and corniness.

12 years ago

I’m late, but thank’s so much for posting this! (I’m Kelly btw)
Another one that I loved was a kiddie version of The Picture of Dorian Gray, wasn’t scary though.
For some reason The Tale Of Train Magic, freaked me out.

12 years ago

i used to watch this when i was little, and for the most part it was quite corny but there were two stories i remember, i cant remember all of them as its a long time ago but there are scenes that will stick in my memory forever! the first one i cant remember any of the story but i remember the ending where the girl/boy main character sees that her whole family have yellow cats eyes under their hair at the back of their heads! god knows what the point of that story was! Another one was a story where this girl used to visit an old lady in her apartment, but one day she blows her off to go out with friends to the cinema or something. In the end when she goes to see the old woman theres noone in the apartment, but she can hear her crying from behind a curtain in the dark.
thats all i remember, and i was majorly freaked out by it, who makes these things for kids?

11 years ago

I saw this episode again yesterday, and I was wondering where I knew that creepy tall guy from…would you believe “New Moon” as senior Volturi member Marcus?
Yes, the one that looks like Geoffrey Rush as an aging drag queen.