Traumafessions :: Reader Kim L. on It’s Alive

I was quite literally born at the movies. From the time my mother was a child our family managed two small movie houses in New England…I have a million stories, here’s my favorite, promise to keep it short: we ran IT’S ALIVE for weeks at one theater, when I was very young I was mostly shipped up the street to the other cinema when something “really bad” was playing. The poster alone caused me to be the only little girl I knew that refused to own dolls of any kind- for years I would even put my sister’s in the hallway before bed! To this day they creep me out.

Kim L.

Next Up: The Who’s TOMMY at the ripe age of 4 or Someone Should Really Arrest My Mother!

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Lynette Fromme
Lynette Fromme
12 years ago

The commercial for It’s Alive always seemed to come on TV when I was setting the dinner table. Had to put fingers in my ears, sing LALALALALA till it was over. I doubt I got a full night’s sleep that entire year when I was ten, afraid a monster baby would crawl into my bedroom!