TRAUMAFESSIONS: Reader Laurel C. on Isadora

i really shouldn't have worn this scarf

… A movie that traumatized me and put me off scarves to this day… was ISADORA (1968), and stars VANESSA REDGRAVE as the dancer Isadora Duncan. I’ve searched the Internet in vain for that death scene in which Isadora jumps into her convertible, her long flowing scarf getting caught in the rear open-spoked wheel and strangling her as she attempted to drive away. All I remember is VANESSA REDGRAVE’s neck and body stretched into a horrible pose.

I was about five years old when saw this movie. I would like to see it again sometime just to see if that scene is still as freaky as the image that is burned into my memory.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you Laurel for broaching a subject that is on many people’s minds this time of year, SCARF SAFETY! We here at Kindertrauma are old enough to remember the grisly accident that took place at Crawford academy all so many years ago. One of the school’s elite “top ten” was repairing his motorbike when his trademark scarf got tangled in the spokes of it’s wheel and the results were grisly to say the least. So remember kids, by all means DO bundle up against the elements but remember safety first! We want all of you guys to be around on Christmas day when the baby Jesus sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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