Traumafessions :: Reader Lynette F. on Tubular Bells & Talky Tina

I was watching DEEP RED (based on one of your recommendations) and Goblin‘s music reminded me of one of my kindertraumas. For some reason my older brother (by four years) listened to his Tubular Bells LP almost every night for what seemed like a year. So every night as I’m trying to fall asleep I have to hear THE EXORCIST soundtrack booming from under his bedroom door. Sweet dreams 10-yr-old!! By the way, that piece of vinyl is in my possession now so he can’t terrorize anyone else with it.

I also remember that he did one thing nice for me (ONE). Growing up, I’d heard my family talking about how creepy THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode with “Talky Tina” was. It finally came on T.V. one night and I made it through maybe 5 minutes before I had to run to my room and try not to think my dolls were going to kill me. My brother felt bad for me so he came down to keep me company. Or, did he come down because he was also too scared to watch it? Hmmmm.

Lynette F.

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Chuckles72 (@chuckles72)
11 years ago

I’ll go with option B – I bet that your brother was soiling himself with the thought of killer dolls on loose and decided to keep you company for his own sake.  As a big brother, I pulled this stunt a few times……

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
11 years ago

Check this out: Someone put the first three minutes of “Tubular Bells” and synched it with portions of the  (in)famous Wiggles puppet video for “Can You Point Your Finger & Do the Twist?”.

And I thought the original was creepy!

bluerosekiller (@bluerosekiller)
11 years ago

I was around 12 when THE EXORCIST hit theaters, along with all the hype & histeria & such. And, despite being a life long monster/horror movie fanatic, I knew that I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with that film.
I was convinced that if I saw it then all that spooky stuff that I’d heard about from my both older sisters friends, that I’d read about in magazines & seen in discussion on TV ( including a particular harrowing episode of THE PHIL DONAHUE SHOW that I watched while home sick from school ) would be certain to happen to me.

I became so terrified of it that if I heard Tubular Bells on the radio or caught the tv spots for the film ( or even it’s low budget immitators like BEYOND THE DOOR & ABBY ), I’d be bound for a sleepless night!

Thankfully, I outgrew those near phobic terrors & finally sat down & watched the film on HBO at my grandparent’s house when I was 17. After which, it became one of my all time favorite films.
Where it remains as THE scariest of all time on my personal list.

As for Tubular Bells, to this day it still  illicits gooseflesh whenever I hear it.