Traumafessions :: Reader Mike on David: The David Rothenberg Story & The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

I love your website even though I have not watched most of the films you have there. Turns out I was (maybe still am) the most scared little girl out there. I was scared of “IT” which a lot of people have talked about & of THE EXORCIST add to that the fact that I’m Catholic so it just gets worse for me. But here are two things that I remember that scared the crap out of me:

1 – There was a movie called DAVID: THE DAVID ROTHENBERG STORY about a kid whose parents divorced & his dad takes him to Disneyland then proceeds to burn him while he sleeps in a waterbed in their motel room. David does live after this happens though. This terrified me because (here’s where my imagination took off & I scared myself) I used to live in a house 4 houses away from the local drug point (as in drug dealers hung out) & it also happened to be the park which they would in turn shoot the light posts so if the cops came no one could see their faces. Well I was terrified cause my parents would park their cars in our driveway & I would think that the drug dealers in their way to the park would be smoking, throw away their cigarette which would then get lit up & cause a spark from the oil that our cars leaked. This would then cause my house to explode into fire & I would die. Needless to say my mom never let me watch many scary movies. Another part that was creepy was the weird song he sang at the end of the movie or in the beginning I don’t remember but I think it was “It’s A Small World.”

2. This one is for Catholic kids though… There was a movie that the used to show us as kids in Catholic school about the miracle of the Fatima virgin. The Virgin Mary appeared to these 3 kids in Fatima & what not & at the end of the movie it would tell you that if you were good enough you’d just might get visited by Mary like the kids. I don’t know if any other kid was like me but I was scared as hell that Mary would appear to me at the end of my bed or something. I don’t know why because it’s supposed to be good if that does happen but if I still think about Mary appearing to me I still get that creepy/scary feeling I got as a kid just not so intensely. Ironic though cause if I think Jesus would appear to me I wouldn’t be scared at all.

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11 years ago

On “Fatima”, I think the aspect of the story I found disturbing is that the authorities were cruel, and the two young children were threatened with being killed in boiling oil. Of course, it didn’t happen, but I would really be in panic if religious persecution ended in torturous death. 🙁

11 years ago

john glover is evil.  i can’t believe you found this gem – thank you!  it’s something that i was beginning to fear i’d made up. i hear bernadette still sings the david rothenberg love theme on her club dates.

11 years ago

Late post, but the aspect of the Fatima tale that freaked me out the most was this:  Allegedly, the final vision of the future bestowed upon the children was relayed by them to the Pope, who fainted in terror at after hearing the prophecy!  Or something like that – you know how these stories get mutated when told by grade-schoolers.