TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Monica B. on Prisoner Cell Block H

prisoner cell block h

I remember my older brother would play the radio in his bedroom non-stop all day and I was forced to hear it. Sometimes they would have horror movie commercials on and they would scare the crap out of me. The all time worst was one summer when they started playing ads for a T.V. show called PRISONER CELL BLOCK H over and over again. One ad was about a woman who buried a baby alive in her garden. Our neighbors had just had a baby and all I would do was picture it buried under the dirt and it would give me the shivers. Once I forced my friend to bury one of her dolls and pretend we were on that show. I still feel guilty about that and remember being worried that she would tell on me!

UNKLE LANCIFER SEZ: Monica, I remember that show, it was an Australian import soap opera that was aired stateside in the early eighties. I was forbidden to watch it, so of course it became my favorite thing to see. There was always something messed up going on and thanks to your TRAUMAFESSION, I just spent a good part of a sunny day watching its insanity on Youtube. I'm sorry I could not find the radio spots you mentioned, but if you want to bring back some bad memories I suggest you FOLLOW SUIT. Thanks for also bringing up radio spots in general. I remember back in the old days hearing that stuff on the radio and those things really made your imagination run wild. Every once in a while you can find a superior DVD that includes them, but in the meantime I dug up THESE and THESE. Maybe you can stick them on your iPod and listen to them while you're burying dolls!

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15 years ago

This cult classic is possibly the best television show ever made.

My highlights:

Lizzie constantly brewing her own in-house beer.

Bea Smith dishing our her own style of justice with the laundry iron press.

The various rooftop protests.

The Freak conducting body-searches with her black leather gloves on.

And so much more…. with 692 episodes in total, there sure are a lot of golden moments. Oh yeah, down here in Australia it was only ever called Prisoner. The Cell Block H was added for international release and it was called Caged Women in Canada.