Traumafessions :: Reader Paul on Are you Afraid of the Dark? ep. “The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float”

Hello Kindertrauma!

My terrifying traumafession focuses around the hit Nickelodeon show ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?, which aired on Nick from the ’90’s througout the early 2000s. Many episodes scared me beyond belief, but there was one that REALLY took the cake, and that was “The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float.” This episode revolved around two teens, Zeke and Clorice discovering an abandoned pool above a graveyard, which awakened an angry spirit that took revenge on anyone who swam in the pool.

The scene in particular that traumatized me was towards the end, when the ghost-demon finally came out of the pool. This was a kid’s show, mind you but the ghost was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen and, looking back at it now, I still think its a rather scary and mature episode. The ghost was red, dressed in old clothes and covered in all kinds of slime and filth. But its head! Its head was a demonic red skull, with empty eye sockets that seemed to stare into my soul. I will never forget the demonic terrifying look of this ghost, and every time I go swimming I am hesitant because of this horrifying episode.


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Joanna Boese
Joanna Boese (@fb1205346092)
10 years ago

Also, the kid who drowns in the beginning is Jay Baruchel. (He was also in three other episodes.)

Chuckles72 (@chuckles72)
10 years ago

No shame in being trauma’d by this one – that was one truly horrifying creep.

Tenshi (@tenshi)
5 years ago

“Look at this! Look at this! They showed this to kids!” – JonTron

marthatyrone (@marthatyrone)
3 years ago

I’ve seen that episode of JonTron. This one never bothered me. AYAotD in general never scared me. My favorite episode was the one where there was a short guy playing a computer virus. He would not stop laughing. It was fucking hysterical.