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To this day memories of this movie still cause me to turn on all the lights in the house and shut all the doors that aren’t being used.  It was MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN, made in 1988, and I didn’t have the horrible luck of seeing it until 1991, when I was 5.  The movie is charming enough… an alien is sent to space on a mission and she takes the form of a babelicious woman (the actress KIM BASINGER) who marries some nerdy guy (played by DAN AYKROYD) whom already has a daughter.  I honestly don’t remember too much of the plot, the only thing I can remember about the movie is the object of terror… Bag.

The character’s name was Bag, or The Bag… and it was an alien cohort of KIM BASINGER‘s that lived in her handbag.  I remember it was funny when she started talking to her bag, I actually remember some parts of the movie being hilarious (when I was a child) until I saw what Bag really looked like.

Bag is, essentially, a skin tube with an eyeball stuck at the end… like a stalk, almost.  I remember its tube being wrinkly and a brown color and that horrible giant eye.  That’s all it was… and it spoke.  Bag didn’t actually bother me too much when I first saw it.  I was scared but I wasn’t terrified to the point of tears until I realized how much of a bad alien Bag was.  At one point in the movie Bag got angry and slammed the doors of the house the stepdaughter was in, closed the blinds, and stuck her to the ceiling by levitation or something.  She was crying and sobbing and obviously terrified.

The worst part of the movie was when Bag went insane in the end. I think there was a storm… something involving electricity.  I think Bag got struck by it in the end, but the crazy shit that was going on before hand was so frightening to me that I was sobbing in terror.  I suffered nightmares about Bag for quite some time after seeing that movie.

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

Fashion is always a tough call! I haven’t seen this movie, but that does sound a bit unnerving! Especially if it’s a designer knockoff! 🙂