Traumafessions :: Reader Randy M. on Gilligan’s Island

GILLIGAN’S ISLAND was one of my favourite T.V. shows as a youth. However, there were some absolutely horrifying aspects to it:

  • The giant spider Gilligan faced down
  • Gilligan‘s many “dream sequences,” especially the ones with him as a vampire and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (I couldn’t watch those!)
  • All the references to HEADHUNTERS

Actually, death figured prominently in much of this “family comedy.” Bites by supposedly fatal bugs, Gilligan being fake-burnt atop a funeral pyre, quicksand…

At least there was Mary Ann in the halter-top and denim paint pants to look at!

UNK SEZ: Randy, I too loved GILLIGAN’S ISLAND as a kid! I will never forget that giant spider episode as long as I live. (You can read a little more about that spider HERE). Do you remember the one where they actually got off the island for a spell only to wind up in a castle with a mad scientist who switched their brains around? That’s the one that freaked me out. The scientist’s giant lab assistant Igor even ends up with Ginger’s personality! Thank god Ginger was returned to her usual beautiful self. I can’t imagine her in Igor form fitting into her “Honey Bees” wardrobe!

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14 years ago

I was a “Gilligan’s Island” junkie when I was a kid.  One scene that creeped me out was when Gilligan drank some phosphorescent liquid which made him glow! In the end of the episode they had him on a makeshift lookout tower and it was spun around.  They made him into a lighthouse or homing beacon! It was after sunset and there was Gilligan glowing white as a ghost! 

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

Remember the one where Mary Ann got hit on the head and thought she was Ginger?

So Single, White Female.

11 years ago

My favorite scary Gilligan was the Richard Kiel as Russian spy/ghost episode. Some of the scenes of the ‘ghost’ haunting the island were downright effective (to an eight-year-old boy, I mean).

Take a peek: