Traumafessions :: Reader Smidget on Mr. Sardonicus & Co.

I just stumbled on this site this morning – it is SO GREAT.

I just saw DEAD OF NIGHT last evening, and that movie lead me to Kindertrauma via IMDb…so hooray!

What scared me most? A few things:

And the big one – MR. SARDONICUS. That movie scared me so much I couldn’t even think about seeing it again, even now. I was about 11. We were not allowed to watch horror films, but the ones above are the ones that I somehow saw, probably at Grammie’s house. MR. S. was at a friend’s house the one time I was allowed to sleep over!

Thanks for having a site like this,


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13 years ago

In my salad days, when I collected “Famous Monsters of Filmland,” the Basil Gogos cover of Sardonicus was one that I never left on the top of the pile…that make-up is still damn unsettling!

13 years ago

I can see the reaction of the others here by seeing  replying: “Is he going to talk about that bloody “Suspiria” TV trailer again?”  Yes, but a bit later. Welcome.  I’ve been here since January of this year.  I was a child in the 1970’s and I’ve seen many things on TV that gave me frights.  “Salem’s Lot” was one of them.  The scene where the vampire kid is floating outside the window asking his friend to unlock it and let him in was forever burned in my mind!  “Trilogy of Terror” would have been a childhood trauma BUT when it first aired I fell asleep during the first story and my parents carried me off to bed!  I would see it years later both on TV plus I have the DVD.  Had I’d seen that Zuni Fetish Doll alive, back then,  I would have been scared!  The others mentioned I don’t recall though I may have seen “Burnt Offerings”. Oh……..and about “She who has no face”: I saw that “Suspiria” TV trailer back in 1977 during a commercial break for “Welcome Back Kotter”.  At first I thought it was some type of surreal shampoo add and the woman was some well known brunette like Jacklyn Smith.  Well, “she” turned around and I was wrong!  This gave me the “heart leaping in my throat” scare!  In fact that add would then come on a few more times…….durring the day!  Every time it came on 10 year old me would run out of the room while then 7 year old sister would run INTO the room to watch it!  I would see this years later and, yes, the trailer had nothing to do with the movie.  I still liked it.  I have the DVD and I got to see “Skull Lady” again.  Now it looks fake but still, at 10 years old it was a BIG scare! BTW, my username is a gender switch of the Dario Argento movie “Mother Of Tears”: the second sequel to “Suspiria”.

13 years ago

Like the “Punishment Poll”. William Castle and his movie gimmicks. Reminds me somewhat of “The Werewolf Break” from the Amicus film The Beast Must Die.

13 years ago

wow, I can’t believe you guys saw this movie too. I am happy that I am not alone.

the Suspiria commercial during Welcome Back Kotter – same reaction EXACTLY from me, the scared heart in throat thing. And I also thought it was a shampoo commercial before I was scared to death.

I can’t believe that makeup they did, back then, for Mr. S. I was so effected I couldn’t recover for a while. It’s still hard for me to look at it now.