Traumafessions :: Reader SSOD on The Waltons ep. “The Changeling”

As an adult, I almost cannot believe this episode went the way I remember it. I had convinced myself the doll thing never happened along with some of the other items that moved. I was really afraid after this – especially since it aired right before Halloween the year I was turning 12! I was scared the whole year this would happen to me as 13 approached!

What an odd move for a normally benign show!

Still Scared of Dolls

UNK SEZ: SSOD, I could not agree with you more! That episode freaked me out as well. How could something like this happen on Walton’s Mountain and how did Elizabeth ever get over it? This episode effected me so much that it is actually the subject of the very first Kindertrauma post HERE! Thanks for the great traumafession and know that you are not alone in your ongoing suspicion of Raggedy Ann!

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Tommy V
11 years ago

In one of those strange coincidences, Lawrence Dobkin, the late father of my writing partner Kristy Dobkin directed that episode.

I am kind of beaming with pride about this though I don’t even remember the episode myself.

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

Here is the entire Waltons episode “The Changeling”!

Nathan Shumate
11 years ago

Yup, spookiest damned thing I saw in my childhood. Grade-A nightmare fuel.

Thomas Beiter
11 years ago

This and another Elizabeth-based Walton’s freaked me out as a child. The other is the one where Elizabeth’s is having nightmares about a repressed memory in which she witnessed a carnival worker crushed by a ferris wheel while she was riding. Yes, the Walton’s did indeed have a dark side…

11 years ago

This episode realy creaped me out when i was younger but it’s still ncei to watch it, thanks for links!

11 years ago

I can’t say that I remember this one at all and I’m frankly kinda surprised that they “went there”. Man, I mean, wouldn’t something like this radically affect your outlook on life? Shouldn’t every closing corny John Boy voice-over afterward include something like “and the demonic forces have not yet returned!”?

So out of place – reminds me of the Halloween episode of “Happy Days” that had me crappin’ my pants with fear when I was a kid.