TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Ryan Midnight on G.I. Joe



There is an episode from the first season of G.I. JOE called “There’s No Place Like Springfield” in which Shipwreck is captured and put under hypnosis in an attempt to get some top secret information out of him. In one part of this dream, Shipwreck watches as some of his fellow G.I. Joe team members literally melt before his eyes! It was this part that just freaked the Hell right out of me. I think I must have come in on the episode halfway, because I didn’t know at the time what was happening in the plot. I never watched another episode of G.I. Joe again, for fear that I might unknowingly stumble across “that” episode. 

Unkle Lancifer says: All you critters out there feel free to visit Ryan any time of day at his home turf MOVIES AT MIDNIGHT! And check out this link to the EPISODE IN QUESTION. Ryan ain’t kidding, it’s a real doozy mind-screw that plays like JACOB’S LADDER: THE ANIMATED SERIES. (If MACAULAY CULKIN‘s part was played by a parrot!)


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13 years ago

This was a big one for me too…If I remember right, it was a two-parter…?  I don’t know, but it seriously messed with my mind, to the point that years later I was convinced that I’d dreamed it.  It just seemed a little too disturbing and twisted to have been an episode of an animated children’s show…But then a couple of years ago, the good people at the IMDb G.I. Joe message board confirmed it for me.  I kind of want to see it again, but I also kind of really really don’t want to.