Traumafessions :: Spooky Sean on Arachnophobia

UNK SEZ: As promised, here is a follow up ARACHNOPHOBIA traumafession from kinderpal Spooky Sean. I guess when it rains spiders, it pours spiders!

If I had to guess, I’d say that I was seven or eight when I first saw this movie, based on the fact that the IMDb lists it as being released in 1990. Where do I even start with how badly ARACHNOPHOBIA traumatized my wee little noggin?

I’ve always been afraid of bugs. I don’t like picturing them, underneath everything, in the walls. The infestations, the crawling and the insect noises. So, of course, someone thought, “Hey, let’s rent that movie ARACHNOPHOBIA for Sean!” To be fair, I was a quiet child, so I don’t know how often I spoke of this fear.

The one scene in particular that got to me was the scene about halfway through that takes place in the shower. It’s some minor character’s daughter or someone; I don’t really remember who she was. The important thing was what happened to her. She was shampooing her hair; blissfully unaware a giant spider was crawling above her. She has her eyes closed, and feels like she is in a safe place. And then said spider…drops.

Needless to say, for months after the film I was traumatized. I would shampoo my hair very quickly, constantly on guard for a giant arachnid to drop onto my face. To this day, I have trouble keeping my eyes closed for very long, when washing my hair.

Spooky Sean

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
11 years ago

Two Arachnophobia posts in a row and I am sitting in my office trying to keep my feet up off of the floor. Thanks for the heebie-jeebies!

11 years ago

Peter Jason makes a great Dad.