Where The Wild Things Are :: Soundtrack

I wanted to write a review for the WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE soundtrack, but what the hell do I know about writing about music besides, "It's got a good beat and I can drink to it." Still, I feel compelled to tell y'all about just how enjoyable this soundtrack is. I was a borderline fan of THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS and then became a die-harder with the release of their dipped in chocolaty new wave IT'S BLITZ!

My opinion of KAREN O, the YEAHS front woman has expanded even further still now that my ears have gotten a taste of her work with the WILD THINGS soundtrack; it's joyous, vaguely creepy and filled with junkyard beats that stay bouncing around your cranium for days. Also performing on this album is a bunch of folks from other bands too hip to be known by me, and a chorus of kids. (Whether it's PINK FLOYD's THE WALL or PAT BENATAR'S WE BELONG, who doesn't love a chorus of kooky kids?) You can listen to the whole album HERE and if ya' dig it, buy it on the Amazon HERE.

Hey, Aunt John even likes it and that guy only listens to DOLLY PARTON Christmas music!

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13 years ago

Thanks for the mention of the music. I also suggest buying the single 'Wake Up' by Arcade Fire, which is the glorious song that is used in the trailers and television ads.
I haven't been this excited to see a film in a long, long time. I already have a feeling this will be one of my all time favorite films. I can't wait!

13 years ago

Everything thing about 'Wild Things' seems so perfect.  I can't think of anyone more suited to this kind of project than Spike Jonze, and I really think that this is going to be his legacy.

Meep Parker
13 years ago

Fun Factoid:
I once hired Karen O for a job when I was the manager of a video/music store. She was a doll.