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Name That Trauma:: Catol on a Mannequin with Headphones PSA

September 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

I have grown up in the NYC area my whole life, but this was probably a nationwide PSA that I have only seen once and never again. Saw it before I turned 10.

I believe it was for some organization or institute: a featureless, unmoving mannequin head and neck in a dark room with faint lighting. In slow shots that faded from one scenario to the other there was the sound of some large noise (probably construction work); then a pair of headphones on the mannequin with audible music; then some other loud noise (probably trains in the subway).

The part that creeped me out was the final shot of the mannequin head, each ear having a glowing red spot and the shrill, deafening sound of what seems to be tinnitus from the exposure to all of those intense decibels. The high-pitched ringing seemed to go on forever but probably lasted for a few seconds at most. I do not recall if there was a narrator at any point in this, but I do believe this was from the late 80s.

I haven’t a clue where to begin my search! I know the Kindertrauma family are super spies and I just know it can be figured out. Even without an answer, I think you guys are great besides!

– Catol

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Name That Trauma:: Tomb on a Public Pool Drowning

August 25th, 2015 · 3 Comments

Hello fellow, Traumites, freaks, geeks, and all the ships at sea…TomB here with the latest…

Well a couple years ago I submitted a, Name that Trauma with some erroneous clues. Lucky for me those wizards at IMDB solved it within a day. Turns out I wasn’t watching a Made for TV movie; it was a mid 50’s drama called, “Bigger Than Life” starring James Mason, and directed by the great Nicholas Ray. For some reason my memory re-branded it as a made for TV… hmmmm!

Pretty good movie btw.

See a young Walter Matthau as a smoothie chuggin’ Gym teacher… I do not lie. You can Reddit that.

Here’s a new Name that Trauma. Pools always scared me as a child. I had an irrational fear of drowning, and always hated the deep end. Sometime in the 70’s I saw a gritty 60’s urban jungle type movie (ala Elia Kazan) with Peurto Rican or Italian gangs in NYC .. Anyway, in a crowded public pool a group of young teens jump in a pool and start dunking a rival teen. He pleads for them to stop, declaring “I’m not a good swimmer”, then he’s ultimately drowned. Now here’s where my memory gets shaky; I don’t know if he was knifed in the pool, or that was another scene. As stated, this movie had a gritty feel to it like Elia Kazan type films.


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Name That Trauma:: Mr. Brown on a Spooky Generic Space Record

August 10th, 2015 · 5 Comments

Hey all.

You’ve helped me before and I hope you can do it again. It was late 70’s/early 80’s I had a vinyl album of Star Wars music. However, it probably wasn’t “official” as I’m pretty sure side A had some tunes from the original movie (main theme, cantina song, etc.), but side B was more generic “space” music and not from the movie at all. You know, the weird synthesizer drones, warbles, and chirps all combined musically that you would expect to hear as you travel through space in the 1970’s! That gauzy 70’s space music always sort of creeped me out and I’d like to find it again, so I can confront my trauma! Anybody remember such an album, or where can I find music that might fit the bill?

Thanks in advance.

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Name That Trauma:: Rebecca T. on a Frightening Fire Safety Flick

August 4th, 2015 · 1 Comment

I was traumatized as a kid by a film we were shown in 3rd grade. It was a family of 4 who you followed around for the day getting to know them. After work, dad drops a bit of ash behind the couch and it eventually starts a fire. The boy dies immediately as he is on the top bunk and inhales smoke. The girl fails to stay low as she leaves the room and dies. The parents both somehow die trying to go after the kids. Only the dog survives. I was on the top bunk. I would’t sleep there again after that film. Dad had to call the school. Do you know where to find this if anyone knows what it is? Hoping to rewatch it in order to give it less fear power.


Rebecca T

UNK SEZ: Thanks Rebecca! We’ve got you covered as we’ve been getting submissions on this notorious trauma inducer for YEARS and YEARS! Our beloved SENSKI was able to finally identify its title as “Another Man’s Family” and reader SIMMINY eventually found it on YouTube HERE. Sadly a better quality version has yet to appear but we’ll be keeping our eyes open and sound the alarm if it does. One thing’s for sure, you’re not bunking alone!

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Name That Trauma:: Kevin’s Girlfriend on an Outdoor Hammer Murder

July 15th, 2015 · 6 Comments

Hello, this is Kevin from HouseofMysteriousSecrets.com; my girlfriend is trying to track down the title of a movie she saw when she was a young teen. Below is her memory of it, do you think your team of experts might be able to figure out what this one is? Thanks!!!

Okay, so the one memory I have from a movie I cannot identify is something I saw on VHS when I was about nine years old. I probably only saw ten minutes before my mom flipped out and we went to bed. It was a man being beaten to death with a hammer. The killer was a fully visible older male (not a faceless stone cold killer). He was verbally mocking his victim while he was trying to run away. The setting was outside. I think in the scene they show them exiting a house into a back yard (?). The kill happens outdoors in daylight. I remember it being ultra violent compared to anything else I had seen at the time. It is very possible they showed the hammer to head impact. It was super low budget and grainy. Could be 80’s but it didn’t look like typical 80’s slasher style, more exploitation gore. It was a memory that stuck with me because it was one of the first times after I started watching horror that I actually closed my eyes and had not wanted to watch. Also the fact that my mom was so upset by it.

Hmm… since I was nine years old and only watched ten minutes it isn’t a very clear memory, many details could be inaccurate. If I get at least one significant detail correct someone might be able to figure out the movie based on that… if they take into consideration that my memory might be off or blended with a memory of another movie I had seen. I felt like there was some obvious exploitation element to it… like the killer was a preacher or the guy he killed was mentally challenged or something super disturbing.

A few years ago I had come across the film on youtube in a gore compilation video. Somehow I managed to lose the title of it. I remember it having a striking title that I would probably recognize if I came across it again (perhaps multiple word title). Also in my research of the film I found that it had a small fan base and at the time they were excited that there was word about it getting a DVD release; I’m uncertain if this ever happened. It also seemed that rest of the film was a pretty extreme gorefest so the film may be know for it’s low budget practical efx. I since spent hours on youtube trying to locate clips and doing google searches and I have not yet been able to identify. Most likely this film is underground and very obscure. Hope someone can help. I’d be very impressed and curious to see how much of my description is accurate.

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Name That Trauma :: Reader Tenshi on a Rotating Table Torture Device

June 30th, 2015 · 3 Comments

Hey! It’s me again, Tenshi. Living above the clouds, wearing flamboyant clothing, and seeing everything through a child’s mind is fun, but it can also lead to some nightmare fuel. Here’s one I can’t remember.

It had to be around the late ‘70s, early ‘80s (1977-1982?). There was some show – a cartoon, live-action TV, I just cannot remember – where they had a torture device. I think (and I only THINK) it might have been an anime of some sort. There were these people that had someone strapped down Clockwork Orange-style with a laser beam pointed directly at her. She struggled to escape, but she couldn’t since she was trapped laying down on the operating table. Then the table ROTATED UPSIDE DOWN and she let out this EAR-SPLITTING SCREECH (similar to Suneo/Sneech’s scream when he got put into a coma after eating Gian/Big G’s horrible pizza in that Doraemon episode). The people laughed uproariously as they injected something into her, and the beam fired. There was dark piano music backing up the entire thing that made it scarier.

Good God. That traumatized me. I was terrified of operating tables for YEARS, well into the early ‘90s. Seeing the after mentioned Doraemon episode last week made me think of her scream when I heard Sneech screaming.

I remember the woman was in her late teens-early twenties (I think), had pink hair (that’s what makes me think it was an anime), and wore a black minidress (again, I THINK). I only remember what she looked like and what the music sounded like. It’s been in my head for thirtysomething years.

Please tell me what this was. I want to end my childhood trauma for once and for all.

Speaking to you from Bhrava-Agra,

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Name That Trauma:: Jason From Brazil on an Actress Tormented by a Fire Scarred Former Friend

May 27th, 2015 · 5 Comments

Hello from Brazil! My name is Jason and I’m a big fan of your site.

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

Well, there’s this movie ( I guess I watched it around 1994) and I can’t remember many details about it, but here goes the “main details”. Basically, it’s about an actress (I’m not sure if she’s a movie star or a TV actress) and the mysterious murders/bad things that happen to her and to the ones closer to her.

By the end of the movie, we learn that one of the women from the make up/fx crew is the muderer: she’s revealed as a girl from the main actress’ past; she tried to ruin her birthday party (when they were kids) and was severely burned when her hair caught on fire as she got too close to the candles. So, years later, she used her skills to disguise herself and to get close to the actress and ruin her life.

I guess this is it… Maybe some of these details are off, but I’ve only watched it once in 20 years! LOL.

Thank you very much. I hope you can help me!

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Name That Trauma:: Hailey on a Cartoon Thunderclap Drug PSA

May 26th, 2015 · No Comments

Hey guys. You are so awesome, been readin’ you for years, mate. Anyways, I want to see if you can identify something that scared the living daylights outta me as a young’un. Here we go.

It was a PSA, and it aired around the early 1970s, if I believe. It opened with live-action kids looking at drugs of some sort. A thunderclap sounded, lightning crashed, and the live-action turned to cartoon. The children were sent flying through a Yellow Submarine/The Wall reject, with puppets (think Sid & Marty Krofft-style) singing (rapping?) in rhyming iambic trimeter about not using drugs, or else it would ruin their lives. A thunder and lightning crash later, it went back to live-action, and the kids knew not to do drugs. It ended with a black screen with white text along the lines of “it’s about time you say no”.

I lived in Cincinatti, although I think this was broadcast in other states. I remember one of the kids was a girl who looked like the one in the infamous “Cracks” Sesame Street short. The music was an eerie Moog synthesizer and lots of synth sound effects. And, of course, there was Scanimate.

Please help me with this. I’m beginning to think I made it up.

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Name That Trauma:: Derek on Torturers Praying in a Castle Window

May 25th, 2015 · No Comments

Hey, I love your site so much. So much. Only you and your readers can help.

What I remember was seen on television in 1974. It may have been a show or a movie. I don’t remember color or black and white.

There was a castle with a torture chamber. A man and a woman were torturing a woman; she was chained up standing and there might have been the hint of a brand? It was all a lot of implication and creative edits.

Finally they killed her, and went to the window. There the man and the woman prayed to God to forgive them for being such jerks. I doubt they got it, as they weren’t the heroes of the movie.

If any traumateers can help, I would be sorely grateful!


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Name That Trauma:: Steven V. on a Wind-Up Killer Robot

May 18th, 2015 · 3 Comments

There was a film that’s opening so terrified me as a child that I could even get past the opening credits. I have searched, googled and asked people about it for yers, but NO-ONE I talk to in my age group (45) remembers anything remotely similar.

I remember it being a B&W movie (not a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode), but it very well could have been a muted color on TV. A housewife comes home at night and pulls into the driveway, then it cuts to a walking wind up toy robot with that winding sound, then she gets into the garage, cut to the walking wind up toy robot, she gets out bags, walking wind up toy robot and this back and forth goes on a bit, when she finally gets into the house the screen goes black and you hear her scream and then the movie title…

That is about all I can remember, but I would love to see it again and watch it all the way through, even though I have a phobia of small inanimate objects like dolls (Zuni Dolls in particular) coming to life!

Thanks for any help!

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