13 Slashoween Word Search!

Howdy, critters! There are 13 slasher movie titles in the stew below. Can you find all 13? The titles are in the comment section if ya need some help. Good luck!

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5 years ago


1 Hell Night 1 B Across
2 Prom Night 5 F Across
3 Night School 13 B Down
4 Maniac 10 A Across
5 Madman 10 I Across
6 Silent Scream 1 L Across
7 Final Exam 12 M Across
8 Humongous 1 B Down
9 The Burning 3 J Across
10 Pieces 2 H Up
11 Terror Train 1 A Diagonal
12 Nightmare 11 K Across
13 The Prowler 2 J Diagonal

5 years ago

I think we all cared about it but it’s hard to show your work in the comment section. Lucky for me I played Battleship as a kid and I remembered the grid system to mark my hits and misses. lol

The next time you do a word search, please put some numbers and letters around the borders so we can map our answers.