Name That Trauma:: Nathaniel S. on a Salt Despising Alien

Hello Kindertrauma!

Once when I was younger, I was watching an older movie (70s, 80s possibly?) that was rerunning on TV. I don’t remember much from it, except for this one part that scared the absolute crap out of me. In this scene, a preteen boy and a weird puffy, baggy, yellowish brown alien were sitting in a diner. Something or another happened with salt, and the alien started freaking the fuck out, screaming, and the lights started exploding. The details are extremely fuzzy, but all I can describe it as is an even scarier Mac N Me. If you all have any idea what this movie is called, I would love to watch it in its entirety.

Thank you, Nathaniel

UNK SEZ: An Alien that doesn’t like salt? That doesn’t sound like NUKIE (watch HERE), that creature from my favorite episode of MST3K, THE POD PEOPLE (watch HERE) or even Turkish aliens BADI (HERE) or HOMOTI (HERE). I’m stumped but I’m sure one of learned readers will know. In the meantime, I’ll be watching my long lost pal Spewey below….

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6 years ago

I am wondering could this be the TV series Alien nation? I think that was on the Sci Fi channel, and I do recall the salt water would kill the aliens.