Name That Trauma:: Reader Nicole E. on a Demon Charred Chest

I’m a huge (well ok at 60 inches, a short) horrorphile freak and I’ve adored the genre since I was much too young to partake. One of my earliest memories was waking up in the middle of the night and pushing play on the VCR containing a horror movie older relatives had been watching earlier and hadn’t allowed me to view. Back in the day they were not kind and did not rewind so it opened on a scene from the middle of the film. I’ve never found out the title, even after years of devouring guides to horror films and even writing my own (currently with Citadel Press, maybe one day on a bookshelf somewhere!). So I’m turning to my fellow horror fans on one of my favorite websites here.

All I remember is a man in formal wear running from seemingly nothing, from room to room in a large house. Eventually he lies backwards onto a bed, pulling open his shirt and screaming. It looks like his flesh is being burned even though there’s nobody in the room with him. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with demons or the devil. And I seem to remember it looked like his stomach was sort of caving in as it burned? If anyone has any idea what movie that was please let me know!

Meanwhile thanks for all the great entertainment!



The Hidden Face (2011)

On account of the Easter bunny I neglected to do a Sunday Streaming post last weekend. Now I’m going to make up for that. Don’t worry this is going to be short because if ever there was a movie you should know as little as possible about before seeing it, it’s Andres Baiz’s THE HIDDEN FACE (LA CARA ACULTA). Promise me that whatever you do, you will not watch the trailer! The trailer needs to shut up and so you will not be seeing it here! I will chase it away with a broom! Get lost trailer!

THE HIDDEN FACE is an incredibly engrossing psychological thriller and even though it’s about as violent as a throw pillow, it succeeds at being exceedingly tense and rousing. It’s about this guy named Adrian whose girlfriend unexpectedly vanishes, leaving behind only a vague adios video. He’s devastated for a while but promptly gets chummy with a pretty waitress named Fabiana. Soon Adrian and Fabiana are shacking up and she’s discovering that his house is prone to spooky sounds and that the police think the first girlfriend’s disappearance smells fishy…and then a zillion things you’d never expect that I refuse to tell you happen! It should be dark and rainy when you watch this but then again, it should be dark and rainy all the time as far as I’m concerned. Feel free to expect whatever you like, no matter what path you start on, you’ll end up finding yourself on another. On top of the indisputable thrills, I’d say this movie is a pretty slick rumination on the anxiety that generates from the inevitable blind spots in human relationships. There’s a perverse thrill on display over how easily judgmental perceptions are toppled with just a little bit of added information. O.K. now I’m stalling. If you enjoy subtle atmospheric thrillers and the taste of your own fingernails, get on this one!

Name That Trauma:: Reader VS on a TV Trapped Being

This is most likely something from the 70’s. I remember a lot of it was a conversation between a man (or some kind of being existing within the television) and a boy or young adult. I think the TV-being wanted to get out of there and probably needed the boy’s help. Besides the 70’s decor and the creepy, slow moving plot, I don’t remember anything else. Hopefully, you can help me out.



UNK SEZ: I know the answer isn’t SHOCKER but I’ve got that movie on my mind thanks to THIS superb review over at DINNER WITH MAX JENKE! Sorry I’m not much help. Hopefully one of our readers knows!

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