Name That Trauma:: Reader VS on a TV Trapped Being

This is most likely something from the 70’s. I remember a lot of it was a conversation between a man (or some kind of being existing within the television) and a boy or young adult. I think the TV-being wanted to get out of there and probably needed the boy’s help. Besides the 70’s decor and the creepy, slow moving plot, I don’t remember anything else. Hopefully, you can help me out.



UNK SEZ: I know the answer isn’t SHOCKER but I’ve got that movie on my mind thanks to THIS superb review over at DINNER WITH MAX JENKE! Sorry I’m not much help. Hopefully one of our readers knows!

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Amanda By Night
9 years ago

Not sure, but it sounds like a TV movie called Alien Lover:

It’s a good ‘un!

Princess Fluffernutter
Princess Fluffernutter
9 years ago

It sounds like Alien Lover to me, too. It originally aired in 1975 as part of The Wide World of Mystery. Here’s a link to Part 1 on YouTube:

1 year ago

Amanda … thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been trying to locate Alien Lover’s name for years! I didn’t remember the bit about the aunt and uncle – just about the alien in the tv. I saw it on late night PBS so long ago.