The Hidden Face (2011)

On account of the Easter bunny I neglected to do a Sunday Streaming post last weekend. Now I’m going to make up for that. Don’t worry this is going to be short because if ever there was a movie you should know as little as possible about before seeing it, it’s Andres Baiz’s THE HIDDEN FACE (LA CARA ACULTA). Promise me that whatever you do, you will not watch the trailer! The trailer needs to shut up and so you will not be seeing it here! I will chase it away with a broom! Get lost trailer!

THE HIDDEN FACE is an incredibly engrossing psychological thriller and even though it’s about as violent as a throw pillow, it succeeds at being exceedingly tense and rousing. It’s about this guy named Adrian whose girlfriend unexpectedly vanishes, leaving behind only a vague adios video. He’s devastated for a while but promptly gets chummy with a pretty waitress named Fabiana. Soon Adrian and Fabiana are shacking up and she’s discovering that his house is prone to spooky sounds and that the police think the first girlfriend’s disappearance smells fishy…and then a zillion things you’d never expect that I refuse to tell you happen! It should be dark and rainy when you watch this but then again, it should be dark and rainy all the time as far as I’m concerned. Feel free to expect whatever you like, no matter what path you start on, you’ll end up finding yourself on another. On top of the indisputable thrills, I’d say this movie is a pretty slick rumination on the anxiety that generates from the inevitable blind spots in human relationships. There’s a perverse thrill on display over how easily judgmental perceptions are toppled with just a little bit of added information. O.K. now I’m stalling. If you enjoy subtle atmospheric thrillers and the taste of your own fingernails, get on this one!

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carol (@carol)
8 years ago

sounds cool!

gcg (@gcg)
8 years ago

“It should be dark and rainy when you watch this but then again, it should be dark and rainy all the time as far as I’m concerned.” Oh my God, don’t tell me that you, too, are stricken with reverse seasonal affective disorder? Those were like words ripped from my side of a thousand conversations I have had with sun-loving goons who look at me upon my confession as if I had told them I was a hardware store employee with pica. (Thanks for the movie tip, as well!)

M Kitka
M Kitka (@m-kitka)
8 years ago

Un-be-f*cking-leavable. I just finished watching it. I was shouting, shaking, fist-pumping. Literally jaw-droppingly awesome. Just had to come by and THANK YOU Unk!

Also: there’s a special place in hell for trailers that give away details of movies like this so thank you for chasing it away with a broom! XD

M Kitka
M Kitka (@m-kitka)
8 years ago

One thing I did shout to the screen at one point: “THE DOG! The dog’s her only hope. GO DOG!” You really don’t ever know where that dang movie is going… Anyway, I think the dude liked the dog well enough, they cuddled. I think it should be fine. 🙂

dasklyter (@dasklyter)
8 years ago

gcg, “Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder” – is that what this is? I moved from a place that was gloomy 90% of the time. I loved it! Now I live where it is sunny and hot half of the year. I feel like a Vampire…my eyes are blue/yellow and sensitive to light. I go outside without shades, the light and heat makes me want to hiss like a Creature of Darkness! (Actually… I do hiss, a little joke between me and the husband)
On the other hand it snows here the other half of the year and it is so beautiful. I now have appreciation for the “snowbound horror films”.

Thanks for the post Unk, I look forward to your Sunday Streaming posts every week! Always a great recommendation. I will definitely check this out.

Taylor (@joshacid37)
8 years ago

I watched this the other day…Good stuff! not even saying that because there were some hot nude actresses in it, either. [Trying not to say too much, but] One thing about the main crux of the story felt a bit contrived to me, but still I loved how it played out. Enough, don’t want to tip too much for anyone who hasn’t watched…I knew nothing except that you guys recommended it (I intentionally didn’t even read the whole write-up above before diving in).

Nancy Strickland
Nancy Strickland (@nancy-strickland)
8 years ago

I heeded your advice and put the movie on knowing next to nothing. My jaw dropped several times. Thanks for the heads up, Unkle! <3

ozne (@ozne)
8 years ago

A nice, little thriller. The backstory made the movie for me. Hans helped the story move along, at least for me. I’m a dog lover.