Rondo Rally!

Here at Kindertrauma we are very honored to have been nominated for best blog in the 11th annual Rondo Hatton Awards! Why not pretend that we never had a post titled “Help the Leprechaun catch Jennifer Aniston!” and jump over HERE and vote for us! Even if voting is not your thing, checking out that ballot is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with a bunch of stellar writers and blogs! We can’t possibly cover all of the nominees here, so allow me to spotlight a few fine folks who were generous enough to participate in our “It’s a Horror to Know You!” campaign! Good luck and congratulations to all these guys who were nice enough to stop by and share their expertise with us! It’s a horror to be nominated with all of you!

It’s a Horror to Know: J.M. Cozzolia of Zombo’s Closet!

It’s a Horror to Know: Christine Hadden of Fascination with Fear!
(And a special happy fifth Anniversary to Fascination With Fear!)

It’s a Horror to Know: John Squires of Freddy in Space!

It’s a Horror to Know: Brittney–Jade Colangelo of Day of the Woman!

It’s a Horror to Know: The Mike of From Midnight with Love!

It’s a Horror to Know: Jaako of Groovy Age of Horror!

And as always, everyone is invited to participate in It’s a Horror to Know You! Just respond to the questions as these folks have done and send your answers to! We’d like to have the horror of knowing you too!

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Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

Well, now this will be a site to comment on. I can start leaving insightful pieces like “First” and “THIS ALL SUCKSS!!!! YOU ALL SHOULD STOP BLOGING THIS CRAP!!!”

Good times for all!

Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

Argh! I read the entire post in the newsletter and clicked the comment link which brought me right to the bottom. So I posted my no-longer funny comment and then saw that the newsletter post wasn’t here. I didn’t fall for the prank in the newsletter, but I did fall for the changing of the post on the site. Well played, kindertrauma. Well played indeed.