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Kinder-link: The Haunted Closet

October 3rd, 2009 · 1 Comment

It’s a well documented fact that yours ghouly worships the goings on at THE HAUNTED CLOSET. In case you need a new reason for me to be so smitten, check out the a recent post that has vintage Halloween costumes pouring out of that very closet. As per usual, my big dilemma is choosing between sirs Grizzly Adams and Chewwy. Check out lots more groovy threads HERE.

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Kindertrauma Jukeox:: MGMT – Kids

July 21st, 2009 · 7 Comments

UNK SEZ: I’ve been listening to MGMT a bunch in the back yard this summer (where I recently suffered a near fatal kitten attack!), but I had never seen any of their videos. That just changed thanks to my visiting fellow LOTT D blogger Brad’s cool site I LOVE HORROR. Thanks Brad, for turning me on to this very kindertraumatic video! Kids, you can visit Brad HERE!

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April 23rd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Lookie here! Kinderpal Wil of Horror Yearbook fame has just launched an amazing website dedicated to all things Elm Street. Fans of official Traumatizer Freddy Krueger will have a field day exploring what is destined to become the ultimate NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET database. You can search deep into the series past and with constant updates, prepare yourself for the looming remake of this classic horror film. You can even send in your own personal stories and memories about the franchise! You know we are all Freddy’s children in the end, so stop by and visit that bastard son of 1000 maniacs HERE

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Kinder-Link :: The Haunted Closet

April 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments

I stumbled across a great site the other day that I would love to direct you to. It’s called THE HAUNTED CLOSET and I think you guys will really dig it, I know I do. In the closet you’ll find reviews for trauma classics like BURNT OFFERINGS, TRILOGY OF TERROR and both WATERSHIP DOWN and THE PLAGUE DOGS. There are spotlights on episodes of the horror series THE DARKROOM and there is even a look at Aunt John’s most favorite episode of LITTLE HOUSE! You’ll discover detailed examinations of such obscurities as an animated version of POE‘s TELL-TALE HEART from 1953 and a craptastic DRACULA video game from the eighties. There are tons of scary kid’s books, JAWS 3-D cards, Halloween Chick Tracts and tons and tons of more creepy nostalgia. I myself found an amazing haunted house puzzle that I used to own as a kid! (Check it out HERE). THE HAUNTED CLOSET is great fun to dig through and is sure to unlodge more than a few memories for anyone who was a twisted kid. Do yourself a favor and check it out HERE!

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Traumafessions:: Seth of Dread Ahead on The Grady Twins

March 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments

UNK SEZ: Check out Seth’s Video Confession HERE and his Top Ten Horror Movies Moments HERE, both of which feature the Grady Twins from THE SHINING! Seth just started a new blog called DREAD AHEAD and was kind enough to give a shout out to ye olde Kindertrauma. Right back at ya Seth and welcome to the interwebs!


DINNER WITH MAX JENKE tells us about a new killer kid movie called THE ORPHAN check that out HERE.

HORROR YEARBOOK gives us the scoop about a theatrical remake of STEPHEN KING’s IT right HERE and informs us about the DVD release of British shocker THE CHILDREN right about HERE.

The out of sight Amanda By Night of MADE FOR T.V. MAYHEM talks WES CRAVEN‘s CHILLER over HERE.

The incredible Tenebrous Kate of LOVE TRAIN FOR THE TENEBROUS EMPIRE asks the ever important question “What Can Satan Do For Me?” HERE! By the by, your Unk was all honored recently when he got to actually meet and slam back a few beers with the Kate in so-called real life! Just so ya know, she big time rules!

Hero ARBOGAST does a beautiful job of letting the right one in HERE.

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Kinterview: Ephemera

March 12th, 2009 · 3 Comments

LOOK! Check out a Kindertrauma interview at EPHEMERA!

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Badi (Turkish E.T.)

March 11th, 2009 · 4 Comments


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Kinder-News :: The Premio Dardo Awards

February 8th, 2009 · 6 Comments

Our buddy the ever-brilliant Arbogast (pictured above) of the incomparable ARBOGAST ON FILM was kind enough to bestow upon Kindertrauma a Premio Dardo Award. That’s when you pick five fellow bloggers that you think don’t stink and actually rule and tell everybody to go visit them A.S.A.P. Afterward the five you chose have to pick five of their own and so on and so on until who knows what happens. So in accordance with these rules here are five blogs that we love to death and think are deserving of the Premio Dardo Award as well….

Jeff Allard’s lifelong commitment to horror is evident in everything he writes. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and never fails to fascinate us with his insights. Currently he is doing a countdown of all the FRIDAY THE 13th films, so get there right quick if you know what’s good for you!

Speaking of the wise and knowledgeable Vince Liaguno knows his slasher flicks and adores the leading ladies that sometimes survive them. He’s even written a book of fiction called THE LITERARY SIX which utilizes slasher themes, but takes them in directions you might never predict. If you are a fan of classic eighties slasher horror you’ll feel right at home at Vince’s pad.

Second only to MEREDITH BAXTER-BIRNEY, Amanda By Night is the undisputed queen of the made-for-television movie. She’s often bringing up stuff that I have never even heard of and I’m always amazed at how much she knows. She writes for just about everybody cool (Retro Slashers, Horror Yearbook and Pretty Scary), but MADE FOR T.V. MAYHEM is her super entertaining home base. If you feel like you’ve seen it all, stop by her joint and let her school you!

He’s often times not safe for work and he’s not the type of guy you can bring home to mother, but if loving Mr.Canacorn is wrong neither myself or Aunt John want to be right. Who can turn the world on with a mustachioed smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem so fricking awesome? Well it’s Mr.Canacorn and you should know it! He’s not right in the head, but if you’ve got the nerve he’s got the verve. Awesomeness is just plain AWESOME!

Film Father is one of our favorite people out there and his site pretty much rules. Here is a review site that looks at films from a parental perspective and sometimes offers guidelines about what may be suitable for kids. It almost seems the polar opposite of Kindertrauma, but really it’s not. In fact, now that his kid Dash is helping out with the reviews you can get a kid’s point of view as it happens! How cool is that? It’s not all greasy kid stuff though, FilmFather is an avid movie buff and his reviews of non-kiddie fare are some of the best out there, so EVERYBODY should check him out!

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Kinder-Link :: Made For T.V. Mayhem

November 17th, 2008 · 8 Comments

Heads up kids! God’s gift to the internet, the undisputed queen of television movies, AMANDA BY NIGHT has posted a list of THE top creepiest characters from television movies from the ’70s. You’re sure to find somebody or something there that caused you a sleepless night or two, I know I did! Visit Amanda and check out her fantastic list at MADE FOR T.V. MAYHEM!

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Kinder-Links :: Mysterious Little Fears

September 19th, 2008 · 7 Comments

I admit it. My love for Bigfoot is fading fast. I’m beginning to think the big palooka is all looks and no brains. I don’t understand why he has to smash so many people’s windows without provocation. Could the mystery beast be nothing more than a glorified vandal? I’m beginning to feel like Bobby Brady when he figured out that Jesse James was a dick-wad. I get that Bigfoot does not have to concern himself with money and such, but what exactly does he do with his day? With all that time to kill I would imagine that he would come up with a better game plan. He certainly could have learned at least one language by now!

Thankfully, my mission to watch every Bigfoot movie known to man has been greatly assisted by my pal Jeff over at DINNER WITH MAX JENKE. He was kind enough to lighten my load this week by reviewing the documentary THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS, a film that gave him the old Kindertrauma whammy back when he was a kid. Check out his thoughts along with some impressive footage of the hirsute beast of leisure HERE!

Long-time Kindertrauma role model Curt of THE GROOVY AGE OF HORROR has brought something fascinating to our attention, a childhood horror role-playing game created by JASON L. BLAIR called LITTLE FEARS. In it you take on the role of a child and get to battle beasts like the boogeyman and travel to a dark fantasy world called CLOSETLAND. The game, originally released in 2001, is looking forward to a special edition sometime in the future. Apparently it has caused controversy and divided critics with its portrayal of child abuse, with some condemning it and some, like noted author ANDREW VACHSS, throwing laurels. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty creepy, but any game where teddy bears come to life to protect you and kids survive thanks to a special magic called “belief” can’t be too bad in my book. To learn and see more stop by the grooviest place on earth HERE!

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