Name That Traumatot!

Look at all these Traumatots! Some are nice kids who found themselves in horrific situations, but one of them is so super bad that he took an axe to his ma's head! Can you guess which movies these youngins appeared in? Some of them are kind of obscure, but you've bound to have come across a few if you are a horror fan. Now get guessin'! The answers will appear... eventually!

Official Traumatot:: Reader Renee Nominates Veronica Cartwright

Dear Auntie and Uncle:

How about VERONICA CARTWRIGHT (As an official Traumatot)? As a kid she did THE BIRDS, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, ONE STEP BEYOND, and THE CHILDREN'S HOUR (which I found quite horrifying, despite it's not being a horror film). As an adult she went on toALIEN, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK (okay it sucked and it's not horror but it has "witches" in the name and makes the list longer), and several unnerving appearances on THE X FILES.

Come on! Give her a chance!

Respectfully submitted,

Renee T.

Dear Renee, you are, as they say, preaching to the choir. VERONICA CARTWRIGHT is a favorite around here and we could not agree with you more. Besides the fine films you mentioned, she also popped up in CANDYMAN 2: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and the kinder-fave anthology film NIGHTMARES (VERONICA starred in the segment NIGHT OF THE RAT). She even got to parody ELLEN BURSTYN's EXORCIST character Chris MacNeil in SCARY MOVIE 2. Semi recently she took another jab at the problems with pod people in the mega-dud THE INVASION. VERONICA, regardless of the production, seems to just get better with age and we are happy to fulfill your request Renee and offer her full TRAUMATOT status. In fact, I don't know why we never thought of it before. Find out more about VERONICA at her very own website HERE.

Official Traumatot :: Carrie Henn

How is it that we were able to go for so long without honoring the incredible CARRIE HENN with an official TRAUMATOT award? Shame on Kindertrauma! Maybe it's because ALIENS is such an exceptional sci-fi action film that we somehow overlook its identity as an extraordinary horror film as well. As Rebecca "Newt" Jordan, CARRIE had to face off not against one rogue maniac, but thousands of monstrous beings who make the standard slasher psycho seem positively civil!

And didn't she bring the best out of our pal Ellen Ripley (SIGOURNEY WEAVER)? Sure, we already had an inkling of the Ripster's macho-maternal instinct from the series first chapter. I mean she put her life on the line to make sure ginger-cat Jonsey was safely tucked into her escape pod. But what Ripley goes through to keep Newt safe from harm's way in ALIENS is above and beyond any known call of duty! Knowing that Ripley's own daughter had passed away from old age during the 57 years her and Jonsey were taking a cat-nap explains much, but I like to think she was also inspired by and related to Newt's chutzpah and will to survive.

Actress CARRIE HENN decided early on to withdrawal from the movie world and so far, she has kept her word. I'd mourn the loss of the actress she might have been if I did not know she chose a much more noble profession to pursue- that of a teacher! Not only is she surround by little Newts of her own in the classroom, word has it that she's a mom now too! Wherever you are CARRIE, Kindertrauma thanks you for your amazing indelible turn in ALIENS with this overdue TRAUMATOT award. We don't care what ALIEN3 says, Newt lives!!!

Official Traumatot :: Miko Hughes

Who is this mac daddy with the pimp cane? Why it's MIKO HUGHES a.k.a. Gage Creed from PET SEMATARY. Who would deny this little fellow honorary traumatot status? Not me, I value my Achilles tendon! Our little friend is of Native American ancestry and his name MIKO actually means "Chief" in the Chickasaw language! At the tender age of three, when most child actors are using a twin for back up, MIKO delivered one devil of a dual performance. In the course of one film he goes from Cupid cute to cuckoo crazy with only a cursed-soil catnap in between, color us impressed!

But wait, MIKO was not quite finished with the world of horror just yet. In the 1994 film WES CRAVEN's NEW NIGHTMARE he got a chance to stick it to Freddy Krueger himself when he played HEATHER LANGENKAMP's son Dylan. That's right, he actually got to kill the DON RICKLES of modern horror! Go MIKO! Wait a minute, didn't he have to play in traffic in that movie as well? Was that some kind of sick joke or something?

In any case, MIKO who is now enjoying life as a D.J. more than deserves this notoriously priceless award. We'll gladly deliver it to him, if he promises to stay out of the road!