Creepy Crawly Funhouse!

First came the back-to-back ARACHNOPHOBIA traumafessions, then I found crazy cabbage worms chomping on my garden! Now I can’t stop itching! My current feelings can best be expressed with an all-bug FUNHOUSE! Now, I know all the creatures in today’s FUNHOUSE flicks are not actually bugs but I don’t have time to count legs and look these things up in fancy science books. If it ain’t got fur then it ain’t that cute and it needs to stand down and back the cuss up! Can you identify the creepy crawly movies below? One smart cookie will win an XXL Kindertrauma T-shirt for trying!

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Pinchy (@pinchy)
10 years ago

1. is Swarm (?)
2. is Squirm
5. is Phase IV (?)

Taylor (@joshacid37)
10 years ago

1. The Swarm
2. Squirm
3. Ants? Was that what the one with Robert Foxworth was called?
7. Kingdom of the Spiders
9. Walt Disney Presents John Saxon On Ice
10. Bug?

LiterateDead (@literatedead)
10 years ago

Here’s what I got, for the most part…

2) Squirm (because “You gonna’ be the worm face!)

4) Killer Bees, from 1974 (just watched that last night… so gloriously weird!)

5) Phase IV (why didn’t Saul Bass make more movies again?)

6) Kingdom of the Spiders (I think?)

7) Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

8) Ticks/Infested (I know that lumpy Clint Howard anywhere!)

10) Bug (another wild guess)

LiterateDead (@literatedead)
10 years ago

Wait, is number 9 the same as the top poster? 1978’s The Bees? Because it’s been YEARS since I saw it, but I swear that looks familiar…

turnidoff (@turnidoff)
10 years ago

9. Walt Disney Presents John Saxon On Ice! HA! YES!!!

kebyar (@kebyar)
10 years ago

3.) Is that ‘Empire of the Ants’? Those look like crappy Bert I. Gordon effects.
9.) is most certainly ‘The Bees.’ Saxon gives that one away.

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

argh. i know nothing. but i hear ya about those damn cabbage worms!!

Propagatrix (@propagatrix)
10 years ago


godmonster (@godmonster)
10 years ago

“I REALLY WANT THAT SHIRT!” I will give it to my wife though. Your website is the most fun and I look forward to visiting daily. I have still not composed my traumafession, but it is coming.
Yours, Mike.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
10 years ago

#5 I knew right away. #7 I saw on TV when it first came out. I was the first time I saw a kid die either on screen or on TV. I also recognised #8. I first saw that on the CLASSIC Sci-Fi Channel.