Name That Trauma :: Joseph of The Body Count Continues on a Busted Bully & a Boy in a Box

I have two…

The first I saw back in the mid to late ’80s, and the only scene I remember was a bunch of bullies picking on a kid with mental disabilities, and I believe they were near a construction site or a sand pit or something to that effect. The mentally handicapped kid, or maybe even one of the bullies, has his/her arm broken, and one or the other carries him to the hospital (I’m thinking a bully gets his arm broken and the handicapped kid helps him; sounds more correct). It MAY have been one of those After School Specials, and I think the moral of the story was that even handicapped people want to lead normal lives. Any clue?

The second I saw in the mid to late ’80s as well, and it featured a couple who adopted a child, but he may have been artificial, and I know for a fact that his name was Conrad, and he was mailed to them in a box. I have no idea if this was an After School Special or a real movie.

I’ve Googled both, with no luck!



Thanks to reader dasklyter for knowing that the robot boy in the box is KONRAD.

That just leaves us with the case of the bullies…

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10 years ago

I remember the 2nd one. I saw it on TV when I was 6 or 7? I looked it up and it is called “Konrad” from 1985 and it was a PBS TV movie. What stuck out in my mind was that he came out of a can and was packed for freshness with a pull ring. Like Fisher peanuts or something…so weird.
Actually the WEIRD part (for a kids movie) was that he looked rotten or dryed out and the lady freaked before realizing she needed to add a special solution to rehydrate the vacuum packed child.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

Good job dasklyter!

It looks like konrad is available on youtube too!