Halloween Safety P.S.A.

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12 years ago

I dug the rad Seventies porn music that lead in and out. Otherwise, it was actually very well done for a PSA of the era. I also had a fond chuckle when the poor kid got the classically bad Mommy Makeup treatment. “Okay, eyeliner for big, broad circles… there. Let’s smear some of mommy’s old, stinky lipstick ALLLLL over your face, and…. YOU DONE, Sweetie!”

Syd in Boots
Syd in Boots
12 years ago

“He can’t move his legs!”
But Jeremy didn’t select this costume for mobility. He chose it to salute the noble Robot Overlords of Chiron Beta Prime.
So the wee pumpkin knows what it’s like to carve a jack-o-lantern? That’s got sinister implications. How many of his own kind have fallen prey to his sharp (but safely-handled) knife?