Hannibal Funhouse

The doctor is in…sane! Find ten differences and call me in the morning!!!

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9 years ago

1. Shorter sideburn
2. Missing purple flower(?) in the bottom left
3. Extra stripe on the spine of the book on the left
4. An extra berry(?) in front of Hannibal’s left arm
5. More material on Hannibal’s right coat sleave
6. The fold in Hannibal’s shirt in the chest area
7. Some extra teeth in the skull
8. The height of the goblet
9. Extra hair in Hannibal’s part
10. Uhhhhhh

Dang it. One says “A” and one says “B”?

9 years ago

Ah, the thumb! At one point I was focusing on the hand(s), but I guess at that point I’d already started going cross-eyed from the intense staring back and forth between images.

I’ve had Hannibal recommended to me by various people, all of whom I trust, but I haven’t jumped in yet. I’ve got nothing going on this weekend, maybe I’ll power through the available episodes.