I’m Stevie Wayne and I Approve this Message…

Ahoy maties! It’s your nightlight Stevie Wayne here reminding you that today is Election Day, so make sure you get out and VOTE! It’s not KAB practice to endorse any one candidate but how about doing your old pal Stevie a favor and voting for the person you truly believe is less likely to use a misleading fire as a beacon to lure a ship of unfortunate lepers to their watery death in order to plunder their gold? Trust me on this. It may not seem like a big deal right now but in my experience, future generations reap what their predecessors sow.

Like I said, I can’t tell you who to- hold on! Wait! I see something on the horizon! Could it be…??? Ah, no, it’s nothing. I thought I saw some fog out there! Come to think of it, there hasn’t been much of that stuff around here lately. Antonio Bay is by no means perfect but I have to say it’s been a lot less foggy the last, what… four years or so? I hardly remember what it’s like to have my tape recorder scream about an albatross and explode into flames and this single mom likes it that way. Anyway, that’s off the subject. Point is, get out there and do your part as a citizen!

In addition, councilwoman Kathy Williams has asked me to urge you to donate to the Sandy relief fund. She’s been begging for relief from Sandy for years.

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Amanda By Night
9 years ago

You guys rule!

And I got up at 5 am this morning so I could vote. Then I had a nice warm cup of coffee. It’s been a wonderful day.

9 years ago

Too funny! I’m so sick of the election crap, this was definitely needed.