Name That Trauma:: Reader Amy on a Possible Donald Pleasence Appearance

Hey there,

I love your sight, I check it almost everyday to see what new trauma’s have come up and since Rememberance day is coming up for me in Canada on november 11, I remember recalled a movie I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I was very young when I watched it, probably 7 or 8, I think it had Donald Pleasence in a small role but I’m not positive. I can only remember the ending. A girl was supposed to be tried for something, but the liberators were aproaching. I think I remember Donald pleasence saying something to the effect of “Maybe this will save the poor girl.” But the girl is not given a trial and is executed. I remember being horrified as she was shot and collapsed in slow motion. She was allowed to write a letter to her family who came later for the trial only to be told she had been executed. I think two women came and were given her letter, it sounded like a poem I think the poem ended with “no not, me not I”

I’m pretty sure it was a true story from world war 2, I don’t remember the look on the girls face as being one of pain or horror when shot, more of release, almost a smile and that disturbed my young mind as well, How could dying in such an unfair way make you smile. I was completely horrified and had nightmares about it for awhile after. Lol Now I can watch things like Texas Chainsaw no problem, I guess I’ve come a long way. If anyone can name that film I’d appreciate it.

Thanks Kindertrauma

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke (@dylan-donnie-duke)
9 years ago

Ugh… so familiar. The only WWII movie with him I can think of is, “The Night of the Generals,” and I know that’s not it. I hope that someone knows this.

craig (@bluesunshine)
9 years ago

If your memory is vague it may not have even been a war film, because it sounds like it could be THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR.

Tristan (@tristan)
9 years ago

I have a feeling it could be the 1967 TV Movie version of The Diary of Anne Frank???