In Memoriam… (For The Love Of Sonny Boy)

With the sad news of the passing of DAVID CARRADINE many are sure to be mentioning his celebrated performance in KILL BILL. I on the other hand, must take this opportunity to speak of his astounding gender bending turn in the little seen 1989 cult oddity SONNY BOY. If witnessing CARRADINE in drag is not incentive enough for you to track this baby down, note that the film also features BRAD DOURIFF (CHILD’S PLAY) and PAUL L. SMITH (The loopy gardener from PIECES). SONNY BOY is as crazy as GIMME A BREAK! fan-fiction but it’s also rather poignant and truly an experience you’ll not soon forget. You just know a movie is damn good when LEONARD MALTIN calls it a “Repulsive, socially unredeemable waste of celluloid.” (Contrarily, David Durmody of PAPER MAGAZINE voted SONNY BOY the best film of the decade in a VILLAGE VOICE poll). So long Mr. CARRADINE and thank you for participating in the insanity that is SONNY BOY!

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Caffeinated Joe
13 years ago

Oh boy, is that a weird movie! I caught it on TCM Underground earlier this year and was totally freakin’ confused! Is he a man dressing as a woman or is he just playing a woman? So bizarre, and that isn’t even the only odd thing about it all!

So sorry to hear of his passing. I just hope the circumstances of his death don’t overshadow the long, strange trip his life has been.

My mom had a major crush on him, due to his role in “Kung Fun”. He will be missed!

Caffeinated Joe
13 years ago

Okay, typed too fast. I meant, “Kung Fu”, of course.

“Kung Fun” sounds like the animated Saturday-morning spin-off version! 🙂