Name That Traumatot :: Super Special Spectacular Show

Hey it's another Friday and time for N.T.T.! But wait!!!! DON"T MAKE A GUESS JUST YET! Today is super special because, as of last week, we collectively identified 100 traumatots! Time to celebrate and reward ourselves WITH PRIZES!!!! Below are 10 twisted images of our picks for THE TOP 10 TRAUMATOTS OF ALL TIME! (don't hold us to them though.) Guess or identify as many as you can -- but don't leave your guesses in the comment section (that will give away the answers!) instead, send us an email with your guesses to!

Whoever guesses the most the fastest will win a PRIZE!

The second fastest and wisest will win the same PRIZE!

If you are stumped or late to the game you can still win a PRIZE because yet another person will be picked randomly in some yet to be determined way.

THE PRIZES ARE GOOD TOO!!! You will get a brand spanking new factory sealed DVD of the super excellent horror flick with the best title ever MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO!!!

Not only that, but you will also get a too beautiful for words giant sized poster for MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO signed by the brilliantly talented artist who created it STEPHEN ROMANO!

Winners will be announced in the comments section tonight!


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14 years ago

The images were swirled c.o. #10, Samara Morgan.   #2 I didn't get, 7 I thought may have been a still from "The Innocents" but I passed and I got stumped on #8.  #1 I got as the puke on the nightgown was the giveaway (I joked in my email submission that this could have been a clip from "Scary Movie 2"). The two faces &  the wall paper in back of the Grady Twins was a giveaway for that entry.  #3 I figured out as Carol Ann and I knew  #6 was the creepy kid from "Pet Semetary".  The white eyes were easy to spot for #8 and Damein's sick grin could still be seen even with the swirl effect. 

Jeff Allard
14 years ago

Gee, I thought I got my answers in fast but not fast enough, I guess! At least I got 'em all right, though. I almost botched #2 but the pattern on the dress got me back on the right path!

13 years ago

I didnt know about KT when this was going on. Dangit. when's the next contest?