International Robey Day Funhouse

It’s Friday the 13th! Around here this day isn’t just about Jason Voorhees and his ma, it also happens to be international ROBEY day! To celebrate, help Micki & Ryan of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES find thirteen thirteens hidden in the image above. If you can’t find them all don’t worry, it only means you’ll be cursed for life. Allow me to play a relaxing tune to help you concentrate….

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8 years ago

1: In the hieroglyphs
2. On her blouse
3. In her hair
4. On her left hand
5. On her ankle
6. On his right index finger
7. On his ear
8. In the folds of his clothes in front
9. On the picture frame in the background
10. In the upper right-hand corner in the background
11. On the dolly’s blouse
12. On his shoe
13. In the lower right-hand corner, just under her leg

8 years ago

Ah! I think there might actually be 14 thirteens, Unk! I totally missed the 13 in the doll’s hair, but there’s a 13 hanging out by the guy’s shoulder that caught my eye! 🙂