Name That Trauma:: Andy on Cannibalistic Sorority Sisters


I have a trauma that I have been thinking about lately and I was wondering if someone could help me out. I want to say that it is a movie from the eighties/maybe early nineties. It involved a group of sorority girls who (I believe) were part of some cult or something. Anyway, the only part I really remember is the very end when some guys were running from these murderous girls and they were at the bottom of a set of stairs. A head comes rolling down it and there is a voice from one of the sorority sisters saying something to the fact that these girls have to finish every single bite of these guys or they would be punished (implying that they were in fact cannibals). I’m sorry, but that is all I remember other then the fact that it was a cheesy horror flick and/or part of an anthology (whether film-wise or on TV). Your site has greatly helped me out in the past so I was hoping for more of the same now!


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7 years ago

I almost want to say it’s the Tales from the Crypt episode entitled “House of Horror”, it sounds an awful lot like it. But I’m not entirely sure.

7 years ago

I think this could likely be “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama” (1988). It was a cheesy flick with just that kind of dialogue, killer sorority girl cannibals/ghouls and I know there’s a severed head rolling around at some point.