It's a Horror to Know You :: Krunt!

It's a Horror to Know You: krunt!

What was the first film that ever scared you?

This is actualy kinda tough to answer, I'm told that when E.T. was all drowned and looking like a sausage in the creek was the first thing that scared me, but I was two years old so I have no memory of this. The first movie that I remember being scared of was The Dark Crystal when the leader of the bird/turkey muppet men kinda melts or crumbles up. The first horror movie that I remember scaring me and I mean really freaked me out was Argento's Creepers; this was one of the first horror movies I've seen and definitely the first one that really actually scared me. When you get to see the little deformed kid's face, that did it for me. I couldn't sleep for weeks!

What was the last film that scared you?

It's been a while since a movie has scared me; I remember I jumped or was startled a few times watching Paranormal Activity. Oh yeah the movie S&Man that really got me, it totally tricked me. There's not too much I can say without spoiling it in case any readers haven't seen it, just that it's a documentary about underground horror and there are some cool interviews with Bill Zebub (unfortunately the questions center around his rape movies instead of his amazing horror and comedy movies). They also talk with the guys at Toe Tag Productions. The third guy interviewed that just goes by Eric who makes a series of stalking/fake snuff movies is a little more out there. If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out.

What are 3 films you believe are underrated?

Shriek of the Mutilated. It's usually known as a "guilty pleasure" cheese-fest movie, but it's undeniable that it has a sleazy creepy feel to it and the plot is definitely interesting and original.

Brain Damage- Beneath all the splattery fun and goofiness, I find the underlying message about addiction and drug abuse to be fairly accurate and deep. Of course the last several times I've watched this movie I was coming down off an acid trip so maybe I read too deeply into it.

Nightmare City- Oh sure it is horrible; the acting is so wooden that the lead non-zombie roles come off seeming more zombie-like than the actual zombies. The violence and make-up is handled sloppily and unrealistically; for example, when a zombie is wiping the blood from his chin he wipes the zombie make up off as well. But there are gratuitous aerobics, and the zombies were needing to feed off humans to keep away the pain years before Return of the Living Dead. They were also running around and able to use weapons decades before 28 Days Later.

What are 3 films that you enjoy against your better judgement?

Oh there are so many of them out there it's really tough to narrow this down to 3, but here it goes

Blood Freak- Its tagline reads, "A Dracula on Drugs" but this is definitely so much more. The only turkey monster, anti-drug, pro-Jesus, gore movie that I've ever seen. The plot is ridicules but great. It starts off with Herschell, a tough ass biker guy who finds himself torn between a good girl and a bad girl. While one reads him the Bible, the other offers him weed. Herschell gets high and within a day becomes the world's first writhing, spastic marijuana addict! Next he gets a job at a turkey farm where he's fed experimental, drug-laced turkey, so naturally he becomes a man with a giant paper-mache turkey head. Well the bird's still hooked and now instead of smoking dope, he drinks the blood of other addicts to get his fix! The film also has a nonsense spewing, chain smoking narrator who chokes and gags from time to time. This is as good as it gets for so bad they're great cheapo movies. I don't know if Something Weird has this one still in print or not but regardless, it's worth seeking a copy out.

Next has got to be the Canadian oddity Things. Shot on super-8 with plenty of bad acting and worse post-sync dubbing. I would describe the plot except that there really isn't one. There are scenes of a devil-masked woman getting naked and a guy telling her he wants her to have his baby. A lot of scenes of two Canucks watching the strangest T.V. channel, some beer chugging , some skull drilling, chainsawing, eye ball ripping, a pregnant woman, the porn actress Amber Lynn reading news updates about the movie, and a whole bunch of sandwich making. Its definitely a strange one but in the best of ways.

Psychos in Love- I first saw this one when I was in elementary school and it's just as entertaining now as it was all those years ago. Basically you got a male serial killer who only kills women. A female serial killer who only kills guys. They meet up and bond over their mutual hobbies and their hatred of grapes and the wackiness ensues.

Send us to 5 places on the web:

100 years of Monster Movies. Great site that has 24-hr a day streams of new and old horror movies plus tons of horror hosts from present and past.

Freddy in Space. Just filled with good stuff. The site that got me hip to Kindertrauma.

Bleeding Skull. Reviews of good bad movies.

Sluggisha's Vault. Music site. The largest selection of Tardcore anywhere on the web.

Nardwuar- Strange Canadian interviews and music with Nardwuar, the human serviette.

Thanks a lot for the post about letting anyone answer these questions; I've been reading your site for some time now and always thought about what my answers would be.

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
11 years ago

Oh, how I love Brain Damage! How many of my Fangoria mags featured that movie in the 80's? I can scarcely recall, but it was a lot of them. I watched that movie far too many times, then forced my friends to watch it, then made them watch it again if they didn't appreciate it, then I would make them all leave so I could watch it alone as I was obviously the only one smart enough to love it. Having said all of that, I kind of forgot about it over the years, but you have brought it back to me. I will be hunting it down this weekend. Great picks! Thanks!

Eric Eddy
11 years ago

I never saw Creepers, but I always wanted to. Same with Brain Damage.

That scene with the death of the Skeksis leader was always awesome. Gotta love Jim Henson.

11 years ago

Sweet post. You had me at "bird/turkey muppet men".

That guy in the "Things" pic – could he be any more Canadian? Holy smokes – the pencil 'stache, the mullet – all he's missing is a Leafs jersey and a bottle of Moosehead.

Lynette Fromme
Lynette Fromme
11 years ago

I just watched Creepers (aka Phenomena) this morning! It's my favorite Argento movie. Also, Jennifer Connelly leads me to Requiem for a Dream, which is truly a horror movie, and a great one.

11 years ago

Hey everyone its great to hear that you all got reminded of some great movies you may have forgoten about. Its good to know other people share good(bad?) taste.
I dont know how into Frank hennenloters movies (Basket case1,2,3, Frankenhooker,Brain Damage, Bad Biology) you all are, but I was wondering if anyone has seen his pre basket case super 8 movies I know they were transfered onto VHS, but, ive never even met anyone who's seen them. If anyone has any of them id love to buy /trade for coipies. The titles (that i know of ) are Queen Gorilla, Son of Pyscho, Lurid Women, and Slash of the Knife.