It’s a Horror to Know You:: Mike of Swords & Dorkery!

It’s a Horror to Know You: Mike of Swords & Dorkery!

1. What is the first film that ever scared you?

The first movie I remember being scared by is Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (“If you move, I strike; if you don’t move, I strike!”). Hey, I was like 4.

The first horror movie I saw in a theater was Poltergeist, and for a ten year old that was scary sh*t.

2. What is the last film that scared you?

The remake of The Hills Have Eyes. The sense of peril was sustained really well.

The scariest thing in a movie for me, though, is still the brief flashes of white fright masks in The Exorcist, maybe because I somehow didn’t notice them the first time I watched the movie but now I spend the whole time viewing it waiting for those little flashes.

3. Name three Horror movies that you believe are underrated.

Martin. Everyone talks about Romero’s zombie films but this was such a punch in the gut when I first saw it I can’t believe more people haven’t seen it.

The Prophecy (1979). Not a great movie but better than it’s rated and almost forgotten because of all the other movies with the same title. I read the book after seeing it and would say the movie does the book justice, which is maybe damning it with faint praise, but still I give it credit for trying to have a message as well as scares and decent characterization.

Blood on Satan’s Claws. A bit better than a run-of-the-mill Hammer production, this one has a great atmosphere and builds a sense of dread that is only slightly spoiled by the rushed ending.

4. Name three horror movies that you enjoy against your better judgment.

Motel Hell – probably the first slasher I ever saw, and although it is seriously goofy in parts, there is a sincerity to the production that demands respect. I doubt it would hold up so well to repeated viewings and I’ve only actually watched snippets in the last 30 years.

Versus – if that counts as horror. Incredibly stupid but still fun all the way through.

Acolytes – the writing could have been better but it has its moments.

5. Send us to five places on the Internet!

Not all of these are horror-related but most have some scary/creepy stuff alongside interesting tidbits your readers might enjoy.

Halloween Movie Marathon – a collection of creepy images.

Yog Blogsoth– mostly drawings based on HPL.

Cyclopeatron – a kaleidoscope of crazy science fantasy and D&D.

Aldeboran – the blog of a great comic-style artist with a seriously disturbed aesthetic.

Skulls in the Stars – physics + horror + more.

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9 years ago

Mike, I completely agree about Martin. It is such a cool movie and an interesting take on vampires. I deserves more love!

Hail Ants
Hail Ants
9 years ago

I saw Rikki-Tikki as a kid, maybe 10 or 11 so it wasn’t too scary. Though Orson Welles & June Foray did do some sinister hissing cobra voices! When I saw it years later I was amazed at how obviously ‘Chuck Jones goofy’ it was (not to mention that it was also a musical!)

And the face from The Exorcist I believe is actually Mercedes McCambridge (the actress who did the demon’s voice) in test make-up. I agree that although it only appears for a few frames it still creeps me out today!