Killer Scene:: Mickster on Fright Night’s Dance Seduction

It is hard to believe Fright Night is thirty this year! I was not lucky enough to see this fantastic film in the theater. I had to wait until it was released on VHS (sometime in 1987). The movie is a classic for many reasons. It has a great blend of comedy and horror. William Ragsdale is great as noisy neighbor, Charlie Brewster. Stephen Geoffreys is fantastic as Charlie’s sarcastic friend, Evil Ed. Amanda Bearse is exemplary as Charlie’s skeptical girlfriend, Amy Peterson. Roddy McDowell is perfect as the non-believing vampire hunter, Peter Vincent. Jonathan Stark is quite humorous as Jerry’s daytime guardian, Billy Cole. Dorothy Fielding is believably flaky as divorced mom, Judy Brewster.

But let me cut to the chase by saying the real reason I have watched this movie repeatedly over the years is Chris Sarandon‘s portrayal of the ultra sexy vampire, Jerry Dandrige. I have a problem. I cannot get enough of a particular scene from Fright Night…the nightclub seduction scene. I guess it is sad, but I have been waiting for that to happen to me since I first saw the movie. The thought of having Jerry Dandrige possess me on the dance floor is very appealing. Don’t judge me because this is my biggest fantasy (I know, I’m sad). Let’s examine the scene…

*Jerry expertly entices Amy to the dance floor.

*Jerry begins dancing with Amy, while she appears to be in a trance of the vampire persuasion.

*Jerry drops Amy; giving her the chance to escape, and seconds later, she turns around transformed.

*Hot dancing between Jerry and the newly transformed Amy ensues.

*Then that dolt, Charlie, tries to foul up this sexy moment by attempting to punch Jerry. Hope you enjoy that crushed hand, Charlie!

UNK SEZ: Hey, is it getting warm in Kindertrauma Kastle today? Aunt John and I would like to thank Alabama’s favorite daughter Mickster for taking time off of her busy teaching schedule (Yay teachers!) to stop by our humble abode and share this killer scene. If you have a favorite scene from a horror film, traumatic or not, feel free to send it in!

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Ben S
Ben S (@eyesofbens)
6 years ago

I don’t know if anybody’s ever been sexier than Chris Sarandon in this movie. My swoon scene is when he “kills” aka physically, mentally, and emotionally seduces Little Gay Evil Ed. I love a man in a trench coat.

mickster (@mickster)
6 years ago

Yay, Ben! I am glad I am not the only one to find Chris Sarandon irresistible! I agree about that trench coat too…meow!

Madamoiselle Macabre
Madamoiselle Macabre (@madamoiselle-macabre)
6 years ago

Nice post, Mickster!

Hey, that’s a perfectly understandable fantasy! Dandridge is smart, sexy, cheeky enough to drink Bloody Marys and has a great sweater collection. What more could a girl want?

I think Amanda Bearse does a great job in this scene as well. Is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of Kim Darby?

mickster (@mickster)
6 years ago

Thank you, Madamoiselle Macabre! Jerry, indeed, has the greatest sweater collection and overall wardrobe.
I couldn’t agree more about Amanda Bearse. Her complete transformation on the dance floor is impressive.
Once again, thank you, Unkle Lancifer, for allowing me to gush about this scene from my favorite vampire movie.

JennyD13 (@jennyd13)
6 years ago

Yes! Yes to everything in this article! That scene and the one in front of the fireplace after…forget about it! Chris Sarandon was the reason for my sexual awakening.
And Jerry’s right, his sweater collection is on point!

mickster (@mickster)
6 years ago

JennyD13, I was not quite sixteen when I saw this for the first time. As you can tell, it has stuck with me.
BTW, has anyone else noticed that Mark Ruffalo, as Bruce Banner, bears a striking resemblance to Chris Sarandon in Fright Night? The first time I watched The Avengers, I couldn’t figure out why looking at him was driving me crazy, and then I realized the reason.

Annabelle (@annabelle)
5 years ago

OMG!…I could NOT agree more! Chris Sarandon jolted my endocrine system into overdrive as well. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a stimulant to equal him (or his performance in Fright Night) to this very day! And he is STILL slim and sexy all these years later, Wow!
‘mickster’ – you are absolutely right, thank you for making that connection for me. I did absolutely have an internal flutter while Mr. Ruffalo portrayed Bruce Banner in that movie.

riri (@riri)
4 years ago

JennyD13, omg! I knew it! He’s not my only sexual awakening!