Hey look it’s the new feature that sticks like glue, sweet and sour chewy gooey Kinder-Bitz! Kinder-Bitz is a nutritious part of any unbalanced dessert tray!

The Kinder-Bitz jingle needs to be sung by this insane “Didn’t do great” lady HERE!

One of our favorite people reviews one of our favorite movies HERE!

Unk makes a hallow-weenie of himself inside ZOMBO’S CLOSET!

Pax Romano spots the true horror of CROPSEY over HERE!

KATE BUSH and horror? We’re all ears HERE!

Kudos to cruel and creative advertising HERE!

Puppets aren’t perfect as illustrated HERE!

Lego tears in the rain HERE!

I want an owl like the one below!

My hero JOE DANTE talks rationally about 3-D and more HERE!

Speaking of JOE check out the GREMLINS vacation in Georgetown below.

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12 years ago

I was underwhelmed by Cropsey.  It was a divertingly interesting story while the movie was going, but it ultimately offered little in the way of a substantial message, and no closure (for the case nor the movie), so in the end it was kind of forgettable.

Maybe it’s just my own hang-up, but whenever documentary filmmakers try to shoehorn themselves into their movie I always interpret it as unnecessary and arrogant (unless the subject somehow draws them in incidentally).  Michael Moore’s films are the obvious extreme of this…In the case of Cropsey, I do understand that the filmmakers personal insights from growing up on Staten Island are valuable to the subject matter, but I thought that their trips into the woods to explore the crime scenes and the abandoned institution at night came off as cheap filler and diverted from the real story, which was presented as more as kind of a sad true crime mystery than the horror story that those scenes would be more appropriate for.

In closing: I love Kinderbitz!  (That mini-rant got a way from me a little, sorry.)

Amanda By Night
12 years ago

I went and read Pax’s review of Cropsey and I feel like his opinion seems to be in the majority of what I’ve read. Too bad, I’m still intrigued though and will probably see it.

I actually remember those clips of Willowbrook, although I was only one when they shot it, I remember catching something about the hospital on 60 Minutes or something sometime later. My parents both worked in the mental health industry back then and before we moved to Vegas, they worked at Camarillo State Hospital, which had 10,000 patients. My father (who was smaller than me) actually worked the violent ward. I do believe the hospital was much better run and the patients were taken care of as well, but I heard a couple of horror stories.

Someone should really make a doc on when they turned all those people out during the 80s. I remember it was really controversial and many of the patients had nowhere to go and became homeless.

OK, that was my tangent! 😛 Sorry!

aunt john
12 years ago

Personally, I find this more fascinating than Cropsey:

Pax Romano
12 years ago

thanks for the link love guys!

12 years ago

I love seeing that “Emmett Otter” blooper reel…Frank ad-libbing as Ma Otter is HILARIOUS. 🙂

12 years ago

Good heavens, Unkle Lancifer is handsome.