1. Don't read children's books written by DAVID CRONENBERG
  2. what's inside me?

    [More self-exploration HERE]

  3. Don't assume sharks are the biggest threat in the ocean!
  4. glurpo

    [More on Glurpo HERE & HERE]

  5. Don't try to collect every STAR WARS toy!
  6. poor uncle owen and aunt beru

    [Found HERE]

  7. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Don't put it in your mouth!

  8. [Extended version HERE]
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15 years ago

That 1st book is amazing. This calls for an animated gif. Also, THANKS A BUNCH! I will now think Glurpo is going to slaughter me once the sun does down…

aunt john
15 years ago

GIF it up Carrie… GIF it up!

15 years ago

OMG! I thought the "don't put it in your mouth" ad was a Canadian thing? I'm delighted to know that I may not be the only one who sings this in the shower…