Kinder-Kraft:: Movie Tie-In Storage Containers!

Folks, my disloyal computer is still acting a fool so I’m going to keep this short so as to not incite my chucking it out the window. Lend me your ears! I’ve got an idea that’s going to change the way you live! Surely you have a couple of those clear plastic VHS (Amaray?) boxes lying about your pad? If not, you can still order them from AMAZON. Do as I did and take some of your beloved movie Tie-In paperback books and shove them inside! Look how handsome that is! What a wonderful conversation starter! Your friends will marvel and then go home and secretly cry jealous tears in quiet seclusion! Stand warned though stalwart chums, this method will not work with CHELSEA QUINN YARBO’s marvelous adaption of GARY SHERMAN’S tragically underrated masterpiece DEAD AND BURIED (1981)…it’s too darn fat!

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6 years ago

Love what I see of your collection so far.
I also collect horror movie tie in paperbacks & novelizations ( along with some sci fi as well, but mostly stuff that falls into both categories like ALIEN, THE THING etc. ). Can’t get enough of the things! LOL.
At last count, I had 140 of ’em. But, like a true obsessive-compulsive, I’m always adding to my collection, so I figure I’m approaching the buck & a half mark now. Which, you would think would include most of what I want, but nope. My quest is never ending ’cause I’ve got a large “want list” that includes books that I may just never get my greedy hands on because they’re so damned expensive.
Such as one that I see that you’re fortunate enough to have a copy of in HALLOWEEN. Which is #2 on my want list right behind the pretty much impossible to find BLACK CHRISTMAS by Lee Hays.
BTW, I love your idea of using those old VHS boxes to display your books. I may just use it!