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We admit it, when we’re not watching slasher movies we can usually be found watching sitcoms like THE GOLDEN GIRLS, a rare show that’s as funny today as it was when it aired. One of the main reasons for its success was ESTELLE GETTY an unusual talent that brightened many a life. We honor her passing the only way we know how…with questionable taste.

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13 years ago

I used to be embaressed to admit I loved THE GOLDEN GIRLS…but over the past few years I have met A LOT of people online (mostly fellow Horror fans and metalheads) who are HUGE Closet Fans of the show….and now I am a Loud And Proud GG Fan!!!
One of the best written shows in TV history, imo.

Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe(@wings1295)
13 years ago

Estelle Getty was always hilarious as Sophia. Surprised to see you are a fan of the show, as well. Or, maybe I shouldn’t be. So many things posted on this site resonate with me, this is just another.

Anyway – She will be missed. Yay for RERUNS!

13 years ago

Earlier this year I became reacquainted with the Golden Girls. I loved it when it originally aired, but I hadn’t watched it in many years.  Well, while I was laid up in the hospital I started watching again. I continued watching through my recovery at home. It became part of my morning routine: wake up, get a shower, and watch Golden Girls while waiting for the home health nurse to arrive. Except for the being ill part, I missed watching Golden Girls every morning when I went back to work. Estelle Getty aka Sophia, you will be missed!

13 years ago

I wasn’t a fan, but my parents were.  The things that truly stand out in my mind about GG were Bea Arthur’s arrogance (nothing new; remember Maude?), Rue McClanahan’s willingess to hike her skirt for almost anything of the male gender…and Estelle Getty’s sharp one-liners.  Farewell.

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night(@amanda-by-night)
13 years ago

OK, you’re right, it’s questionable taste… 😉 Really, I think it’s really sweet that you to do this tribute to her. I’m a HUGE GG fan and like when Bones McCoy died (yeah, I’m that geeky!), it feels like the end of an era.

As a sidebar, I’ve met Bea Arthur and she was amazing…