Kinder-News :: Halloween Day Costume Parade!

Hey kids! Do you dream of being an international celebrity the caliber of BONNIE FRANKLIN or HAL LINDEN? Well, Kindertrauma is in the business of making dreams come true!

This Halloween, on Oct. 31st, we will be presenting the greatest costume parade ever assembled and we want YOU to be a part of it. Do you have a picture of yourself as a kid dressed in a Halloween costume? Send it to so we can post it on that very special day.

Just think how depressed and suicidal it will make your frenemies to know that YOU are cool enough to be in a parade that doesn’t exist! We’re predicting mass suicides across the country and we can’t wait! Unlike that Silver Shamrock global Halloween Holocaust from a couple years back, this should go off without a hitch!

Make your decision now, do you want to be part of the coolest thing ever or wait in line for your chance to jump off a bridge to your death with all the other sad sacks who didn’t participate? The choice is yours! (Sadly your dear old Unkle Lancifer has no such picture and has been lumped with the thankless task of serving Lorna Dunes and Hi-C out of Dixie Cups. Sob!)

In other Halloween related nonsense, I just got an important e-mail sent from your Aunt John all the way from a desk two feet away from my own. Look at this cool collection of treat bags he found below! There’s plenty more so check em out HERE. Do they not inspire you? Now, off you go to find your pictures, dig through every photo album and please smash as many family heirlooms as possible during your frenzied search. If a parent or guardian tries to stop you, a kick in the shins should set ’em straight!

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Piper (@piper)
13 years ago

This is a fantastic idea. I don’t know that I have the time nor the technical chops to track down an old photo of myself and then scan it so that I can submit it. But it’s still a fantastic idea.

sierranighttide (@sierranighttide)
13 years ago

Your site is deliciously evil…I’m so becoming a regular reader.

incognitovixen (@incognitovixen)
13 years ago

So we totally handed out treats (c. 1986) in the bag that’s in the top left corner.  I love this site — it makes me all nostagically gooey inside!  There also exists a photo of me in one of those plastic masks that smelled funny with matching plastic costume/modified trash bag.  It was a fabulous female vampire costume under which I wore a cotton candy pink sweatsuit.  Terrifying, huh?  My hope of all hopes is that I can find it for you guys to post!