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roby friday the 13th
There I was on the Ben Franklin Bridge mustering up the energy to jump rather than endure yet another Philadelphia summer, when Aunt John breathlessly approached. He screamed “Stop, don’t jump!” as he has done so many times before. I told him to go peddle his papers elsewhere and to go fly a kite and when he was done with those two chores, I suggested he take a long walk off a short pier. That’s when you’re Aunt John informed me of news that would change my dismal outlook instantly. “HORROR YEARBOOK…” he said panting clutching at his defunct ticker, “…says that FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES is going to be released on DVD!” Of course when Aunt John slapped my back in a congratulatory gesture he did inadvertently send me reeling over the bridge’s railing and into the toxic water below, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact remains that some day in the future, me and my idol ROBY will be together once more. In the meantime I plan to play the OPENING THEME MUSIC in an endless loop on Kindertrauma castle’s state of the art intercom system. It should provide the perfect accompaniment to my daily chores of shucking clams and sheering lambs.   

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VicarOfVHS (@vicarofvhs)
13 years ago

That IS good news! I remember having a crush on the big-haired redhead hero of this schtick. Of course I was in the throes of puberty at the time, and thus had a crush on anything with breasts, particularly if it had its own tv show.

Anyway, I wonder how well F13:TS will hold up after all these years. Can’t wait to find out!

ms scrappy
ms scrappy (@ms-scrappy)
13 years ago

I live in Canada where we have a digital tv station called Scream which is supposed to show horror movies and thrillers but mostly just shows Die Hard and Fatal Attraction over and over and over. But thankfully, to meet canadian content laws F13:TS is shown 3 times a day and aside from the hilarious fashions of the day I find the series holds up. They had some really great concepts and a terrific premise. The scarecrow as regular fans of this site know is one of the most creepiest things that has ever crawled across the tube. You’ll also see oscar nominee Sarah Polley as the owner of a cursed doll. If I ran a television network I’d make an update of this show as soon as possible. Their premise would still work today.

mickster (@mickster)
13 years ago

YES!!! I can’t wait! I wish it would come out before my anniversary in July (so my husband would buy it for me).
I remember wishing I had red hair in the 80’s because of Roby (and Molly Ringwald).
Uncle Lancifer, you will have to reference my top 10 list from my comment on the Scarecrow episode.

Jeff Allard
Jeff Allard (@jeff-allard)
13 years ago

I’m so jazzed that this is finally hitting DVD!! I’ve loved this show since I watched it first run on late night TV during my college days. And even though it may not be as sophisticated as shows like The X-Files or Lost, I think the charm of the show still holds up.

Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe (@wings1295)
13 years ago

I LOVED F13:TS from day one. Used to watch it on my little (cable tv-less) black & white tv, late Friday or Saturday nights. Absolutely loved the show. Taped the episodes when the ran on SCIFI back in the 90s, can’t wait to finally get the series on DVD.

BTW, new to this site and I already love it!

mickster (@mickster)
13 years ago

Fans of Friday the 13th the Series read more about the imminent release of this great show: