Kinder News:: Sandy, No!

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13 years ago

Bwahahahaha. XD

Amanda By Night
13 years ago

OK, the boyfriend and I are cracking up. That is effin’ hilarious!

13 years ago

Oh, what a heartbreaking waste of Bradley Cooper…

13 years ago

So weird you’d put this up. Last week I was in California vacationing and I relaized as many times as I’d been there I never went to Hollywood. So I did. I took one of those Hollywodd Homes tours and saw the houses where they shot the original HALLOWEEN and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (on the same block no less!) and Bela Lugosi’s old house. By the time I got back to the Walk Of Fame they had the red carpet out in front of GRAUMANNS (spelled wrong?) CHINESE THEATER and all these people were showing up for the “exciting premiere” of ….Sandra Bullock’s latest movie ALL ABOUT STEVE. I was like “Y’know? We can never be here fdor something big like a STAR WARS or a LORD OF THE RINGS….The week we come it’s ALL ABOUT STEVE a movie I am 99 percent sure will SUCK!”

Prove me wrong, Sandra. And if this flick does indeed bomb you owe us at least the sequel ALL ABOUT EVIL.

Meep Parker
13 years ago

This is genius!