Kinder-News :: The Second Annual Kindertrauma Halloween Parade (It’s On!)

Hey kids, it’s your Aunt John here with some pretty spook-tacular news! After squaring off against the neighborhood civic association, posting a pretty hefty bond for extra police security, and promising that we would have no arrests for drunk & disorderly conduct, I received the final permits necessary to hold the SECOND ANNUAL KINDERTRAUMA HALLOWEEN PARADE on the east lawn of Kindertrauma Castle.

If there’s one thing your Aunt John loves more than a parade (I’m a sucker for marching bands and pageantry), it’s writing inane parade banter. In the dark hours of sleepless nights when I find myself battling insomnia and questioning my career choices, I really think I missed the boat on that vocation.

While last year’s parade was tip-top and top-notch (save for the aforementioned arrests), I did hear some grumbles from folks who couldn’t participate because they didn’t have any childhood pictures of themselves in Halloween regalia. To remedy this oversight, I am opening the floodgates and leveling the proverbial playing field. If you happen to have a picture of yourself (from child or adulthood) or your pets (cats, dogs, parrots, pot-bellied teacup pigs, etc.) in a Halloween get-up then I invite you to join in on the fun.

Please send your picture and any relevant information (back-story, a link back to your blog, etc.) to (try to include HALLOWEEN PARADE somewhere in the subject line) by Friday, October 30th.

The festivities will kick off on the highest of all holy days (Saturday the 31st… DUH!). Don’t let this parade pass you by!

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13 years ago

How am I the first to comment on this?!?  I can’t wait for the 2nd Annual best-night-of-my-life again.   Do you mind if I borrow the Cousin Jerry costume you guys found on EBay last year?

You guys rule.

Corey Convex
13 years ago

Hey look everybody, I’m alive!
Dental Hygiene school is keeping this Canacorn wicked busy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get baby Chuy into the parade this year!
The Wife has whipped him up a werewolf costume for his very first Halloween!
Oddly enough, this isn’t the first costume he’s put on this October…click HERE to see the most adorable baby strongman you ever did see!