Kindertrauma Funhouse :: Black Christmas Scramble

Oh No! Billy the beloved homicidal maniac from BLACK CHRISTMAS has finally been arrested! What’s worse is that his capture occurred on the very same day that Canada decided to reinstate the death penalty! Billy’s only chance to avoid death by Canadian electric chair is to plead insanity but to do that, he’s going to have to recall the events of BLACK CHRISTMAS to a court appointed Canadian psychiatrist!

Can you help Billy remember the correct order of events? I’ll get you started by revealing that 1=C (the title card) but what about the next 10? C’mon kids, Billy’s counting on you!

NOTE: If you could give a crap about Billy’s fate leave a guess or comment of some sort anyway because Aunt John still has a couple more awesome Kindertrauma logo t-shirts (sizes M, L, or XL; winner’s choice!) to give away and anybody can win.. just a leave comment and you are in it to win it!

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13 years ago

I haven’t seen this in a few years and honestly can’t remember the order, but I’d love a t-shirt (XL).
Also, why no drunken Margot Kidder photo?

13 years ago

1. C
2. H
3. E
4. B
5. F
6. D
7. I
8. G
9. A
10. K
11. J

I know I could have done better on this…Oh well, we’ll see…

13 years ago

Aargh! I haven’t seen this flick in a long while due to my DVD copy having bad audio (I should really upgrade), so I’ve no idea!

Guess I’ll just take this opportunity then to say if I don’t get a chance later, Merry Christmas to all… or Happy Holidays if you prefer. 🙂

Andre Dumas
13 years ago

My head hurts so I can’t process this challenge but I just wanted to say that I frickin LOVE those curtains in G…always have, always will- it’s probably my goal in life to find similiar ones or at least wrapping paper that mimicks it.

13 years ago

Ijust saw the midnight screening last Friday so here goes:


13 years ago

OK, it’s been a while, so here goes nothin
1 C
2 H
3 A
4 B
5 E
6 F
7 I
8 D
9 G
10 K
11 J
Please note that even though she’s rusty, Eugeniepetite sure would look super cute in a Kindertrauma-rific shirt that’s way too big for her.
……..pretty Agnes

13 years ago

I love this film, but It’s way too long since I’ve seen it…I guess it’s time.  Just so you know, picture F makes me giggle.

13 years ago

Its odd youd pick this movie, cuz after blowing my Christmas wad I decided to buy myself SOMETHING- and I WAS gonna buy this movie (had it on VHS awhile back) but then I thought “Maybe I Should Buy Something I Havent Seen Yet” and I ordered MY TWO FRONT TEETH instead (Seen it? Any good?)

I will bow out gracefully as I already won a magnet last week! And by the way, my daughter came home from school and saw it on the fridge ans was sooooo pissed! Had a real “I Never Win ANYTHING!” Charlie Brown attitude about it!

13 years ago


13 years ago

I would totally cheat and watch it right now, since it’s the Christmas season and I’ve been meaning to watch a bunch of Christmas horror movies anyway, but there’s a roommate recovering from throat surgery on the couch right now and he gets veto rights over the TV programming.  Woe!