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Kindertrauma Investigates :: Lizzie Borden

October 27th, 2009 by kinderpal mickster · 5 Comments

Hi kids, it’s your Aunt John here. Your Unkle Lancifer and I are taking the day off to get ready for this coming Saturday’s SECOND ANNUAL KINDERTRAUMA HALLOWEEN PARADE. And by get ready, I really mean settle a choreography dispute with the KINDERTRAUMA DANCERS. So if you haven’t sent in your parade picture yet ( get on it!

Anywhoozles, in our absence, Kinderpal Mickster has graciously agreed to take time off from her gig as an investigative reporter and baby-sit today. So spread out your story-time mats, grab your juice boxes, and get comfortable as Mickster takes a whack at LIZZIE BORDEN:

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Professor Von Whiskersen
Professor Von Whiskersen
11 years ago

I always thought it was strange that Lizzie Borden was so infamous for TWO murders.  I guess it was just different back then.  We had an area guy kill 6 people or so (at different locations) a few months ago and I’ve already forgotten the details.

aunt john
11 years ago

@Prof: I think Lizzie’s lasting notority is tied to her gender, socio-economic class (a half-million dollar motive is pretty sizeable even today) and the crime itself. She sort of was the  one-woman Menendez Brothers of her day, if that makes any sense.

11 years ago

Yes, back then a woman doing those things was incomprehensible.

11 years ago

Not to mention it spawned a catchy nursery rhyme.

Amanda By Night
11 years ago

Mickster is AWESOME!

Aunt John, I love you Menendez post. Hilarious.

I agree, the fact that she was a woman of some means makes her odd, even by today’s standards. And also, she was found innocent, yet, we all still question it…