Kindertrauma Jukebox :: Elvira’s Flamingo Floorshow

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Corey Convex
13 years ago

I know no one will be surprised when I say this clip is quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Haunted Hills, but if it’s even half as awesome as her first film, I’m sure I’ll love it.

Corey Convex
13 years ago

I’m Masta C and I’m here to say
I love Kindertrauma in a major way
I read it at work and I read it at home
I can even download it on my cellular phone

I’m Masta C and I’m a funky Virgo
And I like to get down with my man, Aunt Jo
He’s pretty freaky and kind of scary
But he’s just my size and not too hairy

And let’s not forget spooky Unk L
He’s handsome as the devil and hot as hell

They may be strange and they may be weird
But they don’t need no ladies to be their beards

So I’m Masta C and I’m hear to say
Read your Kindertrauma each and every day

Word to your mothers!

(Uh, like that?)

Professor Von Whiskersen
Professor Von Whiskersen
13 years ago

True story:  I was in 6th Grade during Halloween 1986.  That was to be my last year trick-or-treating.  My friend lived a couple of miles away and we hit my neighborhood then rode our bikes to his neighborhood.  But I told him in no uncertain terms that I HAD TO BE HOME IN TIME TO SEE ELVIRA’S MTV SPECIAL!!  Elvira live from Salem for 6 hours!!  To my 11 year old mind that beat almost any horror movie marathon.

Two years later, I was the first kid on my block to see her feature film.

Mickster accuses me of only liking Elvira for one reason (well…two reasons), but that just isn’t true.  Elvira is a true American Orignal, full of wit, charm, and class (despite the boobies).  Despite what Madonna might think, Elvira is my generation’s Mae West.


13 years ago

Yeah, sure Prof.V.W., I’m sure it has nothing to do with those two reasons.